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    Ave Maria - Vocal or Instrumental Solo - Bach-Gounod - Bjorn Mellemberg

    This great piece is a result of two outstanding composers creative ability. The French composer Charles Gounod (1818-1893) used the Prelude No. 1 from "Das Wohltemperierte Klavier" by Johann Sebasian Bach (1685-1750) and added a beautiful melody to the original piece. The composition has the occurred in several versions both with and without lyrics and for many kinds of instrumentations.To the Conductor:It's important to take well care of the long phrases of the melody and it's warm and soft character.Make shure that the band balance the three elements of melody, harmony and the rhythmic (played by the clarinets) well. All these three is of equial importance and depend of each other.

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    A Flemish Christmas - Jan Hadermann

    In A Flemish Christmas, Jan Hadermann tells the Christmas story by means of four Old Flemish Christmas Songs.Mary is chosen to bring Jesus Christ, the son of God, into the world: Het was een maged uitverkoren ('She was a virgin chosen').On the occasion of a census, Mary, who is with child, and Joseph, her husband to be, travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus will be born in a humble stable: Maria die zoude naar Bethlehem gaan (Mary would go to Bethlehem').O kerstnacht, schoner dan de dagen ('Oh Christmas Night, more beautiful than the days') is a stately chorale that sings the praises of Jesus' birth.Three wise men from the East, Caspar,Melchior and Balthazar, follow a bright star in the sky, which leads them to Bethlehem. There, they worship the newborn King, and offer him gold, frankincense and myrrh: Wij komen van Oosten (We've come from the East').This musical Christmas story ends with a festive repeat of the third movement, the stately chorale.

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    General Series Band Journal August 2013 Numbers 2123-2126

    No. 2123 Carol Setting - Joy to the world! (Lieut. Colonel Norman Bearcroft)'Joy to the world' is a melody often attributed to Handel, but it is a bringing together of a couple of brief snippets of themes from his oratorio, 'Messiah'. These were put together by Lowell Mason to form the tune, 'Antioch', which we use for this carol. The carol has been arranged in majestic style by Lieut-Colonel Norman Bearcroft.No. 2124 Night of Joy (Andrew Wainwright)'Night of Joy' is based on a traditional Spanish Christmas song entitled 'Cantemos a Maria' ('Let's sing to Mary').No. 2125 Dedication (Dr Kenneth Downie)A setting of Colonel Brindley Boon's beautiful song of dedication, 'I dedicate myself to thee' (Musical Salvationist, November 1950).No. 2126 Cornet Duet - Synergy (Captain Martin Cordner)This piece celebrates the Biblical principle of believers working together in the Body of Christ and incorporates the song with words by Catherine Baird 'We're in Gods Army and we fight together with the composers own melody to Philip Paul Bliss's words 'Whosoever heareth! shout, shout the sound.

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