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    Arioso - J.S Bach - Steven Hague

    A modern brass band arrangement of the "Arioso" from J.S. Bach's Cantata No. 156 arranged by Steven Hague, with a nice feature for the horn section, and tuneful duets from the two solo cornets.

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    Two Bach Chorales (Score and Parts) - J.S. Bach arr. Eric Ball

    Two chorales from St Matthew Passion arranged by the celebrated arranger of his day: Was Mein Gott will and Wer bat dich so. Duration: 6:00

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  • £24.95

    Ave Maria - Johann Sebastian Bach, Charles Gounod - Ray Farr

    There have been several settings of this Roman Catholic prayer to music, with the Bach/Gounod version being the most famous. It consists of the first prelude of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier plus a melody that Gounod wrote over this. Gounod...

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    Passacaglia in C Minor - Bach, J.S.

    Johann Sebastian Bach - for me, the supreme musician - left no markings or directions of any kind on this magnificent work for organ, as was normal for those times. Cconstantly full of interest for the player and the listener, I have 'organised' the music with dynamics, phrasings and tempi according to my own judgement in order to facilitate an ensemble performance - the same process naturally used by all performers, from Bach to the present day. This version offers satisfying challenges for all parts of the Band.

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    Air (from the Third Suite) - Bach, J.S.

    The Cornet group (plus Flugel Horn) is the focal point of this arrangement, both musically and visually. The sound travels back and forth across the group in the continuous melodic line of which Bach was the ultimate master.Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPriceAndanteBach, J.S.�27.50AriosoBach, J.S.�27.50

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  • £27.50

    Arioso - Bach, J.S.

    Never averse to using a good melody in several arrangements... after all he must count as the finest arranger in the history of music... Bach not only uses this Arioso in a Cantata but also a harpsichord concerto. His characteristic long melodic line never loses its hold over the listener's attention. In this arrangement the middle part of the band holds centre stage.

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    In Thee Is Joy (Chorale Prelude) - Bach, J.S.

    Positively explosive, brilliant and joyous, this organ Chorale Prelude is as exhilarating as anyone could wish. Bach was often asked by his church employers to tone things down a bit, and this piece is probably the kind of thing they had in mind. Of course he paid no attention.

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    Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier - Johann Sebastian Bach

    Many of the numerous chorals Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) composed during his lifetime are still very popular today. An example is the melody Ich steh an deiner Krippen her (BWM 469) composed in 1736 and first published in the Schemelli hymn-book.In Jacob de Haan's magnificent instrumental arrangement for band this piece will certainly enrich your Christmas concert programme.

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  • £59.99

    Organ Fugue - Johann Sebastian Bach

    To arrange one of the most beautiful organ fugues by the great classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) for brass band is certainly a demanding task. Klaas van der Woude has however performed this feat to produce this excellent and exciting arrangement. Organ Fugue is suitable for any festive concert!

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