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    Away In A Manger - William J. Kirkpatrick - Tom Bassett

    The most well-known of carols, set to William Kirkpatrick's melody, 'Cradle Song' first appeared in the late nineteenth century. It is known the world over and synonymous with the sounds of children singing this gentle, lyrical song. Arranged here as a flugel solo with warm harmonies and accompaniments from the band, this is a great addition to any Christmas concert programme.

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    Away In A Manger - William Kirtpatrick - Adrian Horn

    Probably the most famous of all Christmas carols, this arrangement by Adrian Horn makes this well-loved work sparkle in a whole new light. With repeated bell calls throughout, this piece brings all the sounds of Christmas to you concerts. The melody, entitled "Cradle's Song" composed by the American born composer William J. Kirkpatrick is known worldwide and with this new arrangement, can play a feature role in your Christmas concerts.

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    Home Away From Home - Phil Coulter - Steven Hague

    This gorgeous melody has been made famous by the virtuoso flautist James Galway, popularised on Classic FM and now arranged for brass band with a solo cornet taking the starring role. A perfect concert item, such a simple melody, but heart warming and playable by most bands.

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    Fade Away - Andy Wareham

    From the pen of Andy Wareham comes a beautifully crafted cornet solo. Composed for his best friend, Lauren Chinn, the work has a Moderato feel throughout and is lightly scored throughout the solo sections. Little intricate parts will keep the rest of the band entertained as they play their part in supporting the soft melody of this work of which, no loud playing is to be heard.

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    Away in a Manger - Andrew R. Mackereth

    In English-speaking countries 'Away in a Manger' is one of the first Christmas songs to be taught to little children. It is a moving song with simple words, which makes it easy to understand. The song is also known as 'Luther's Cradle Hymn'. This suggests that Martin Luther was the author of the lyrics. According to researchers, however, this is a misconception - the author is unknown. In England 'Away in a Manger' is sung to a different melody than in the USA, for example. The 'English' melody was composed by W.J. Kirkpatrick. Andrew Mackereth made a touching arrangement of the 'English' melody, which suits the tender lyrics perfectly.

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    Away in a Manger

    The music of Away in a Manger needs no introduction, and this lovely setting for brass band sets a beautiful sound. This brass band arrangement is not too difficult to play and it is very effective in the concert hall.

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    Away In A Manger - Brass Band - Kirkpatrick & Mueller

    A new arrangement in time for Christmas using two of the most popular tunes for Away in a Manager.

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    Steal Away (Spiritual from the USA) - Traditional

    One of most affecting of all spirituals, in this arrangement of Steal Away we hear a simple offstage choir of cornets offering a glimpse of a better world hereafter.

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    Dance The Night Away - Raul Malo - Len Jenkins

    "Dance The Night Away" is an upbeat song by The Mavericks taken from their 1998 album Trampoline. The song was released as a single that same year and reached No. 4 in the UK charts.The music video of the song, set in a supermarket in America, exemplifies the infectious pull of the tune and its persistent rhythm which eventually gets everyone involved. This is an ideal piece for fetes and concerts alike, and should be played in a pronounced 'latino' style for maximum effect.

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    Egl jester (Away from Home) - Tumasch Dolf

    This emotive solo, based on a poen by Schuman Mani called Away from Home has been arranged for horn by Hardy Schneiders.

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