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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2014 Numbers 1247-1250

    No.1247 March - Spirit of Darwin (Noel Jones)This march was written as a tribute to Majors Hilton and Wilga Morris for the wonderful ministry they provided as reginal officers. It includes two well-known Salvation Army songs; 'Ever is the War Cry, Victory, Victory!' and'O My Heart is Full of Music and of Gladness'.No. 1248 Duke Street Variations (Andrew Mackereth)A set of variations on the well-known tune 'Duke Street', written at the request of Young People's Bandleader Andrew Laird for the centenary weekend of the Clydebank YP Band in 2012. No.1249 Prelude - Thank you, Lord (David Rowsell)A prelude based on the chorus 'Thank you , Lord for saving my soul'.No. 1250 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Howard Davies)A setting of the well-loved melody 'Turn your eyes upon nJesus', which also incorporates the tune 'Open our eyes, Lord'.

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    DELIBERATE (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    So that there is no doubt about the correct pronunciation, the title of this festival (concert) march means 'to think about'! It was written in 2010 for the Belfast Temple Music School and recalls a particularly impressive open-air meeting from the previous year's school. The main theme heard is 'Onward, Christian soldiers' while there is also reference to 'A mighty fortress is our God'.

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    DEUS INVICTUS - GOD UNCONQUERED (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    Deus Invictus draws its inspiration from well-known words from Romans 8: 38-39; 'For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any owers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate us from the love of God'. The music reflects the confidence and certainty of the scripture text while, as in everyday life, trials and tests come along which are reflected in a sequence of musical skirmishes. The work introduces the 19th century hymn 'St Albinus' to a wider audience and also includes references to the tunes 'St Margaret' and 'Rachie'. A setting of the Easter Hymn, 'Christ the Lord is risen today!', is heard followed by a final reprise of 'St Albinus'.

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    TRAILBLAZERS (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    This overture draws its inspiration from the story of the first Household Troops Band. It tells the story of the 1887 band, the subsequent lull of nearly a hundred years and the re-awakening of the Troops phenomenon in 1985. It was originally written in 1995 and featured prominently by the band on its North American tour of 2002. Given the history of the Household Troops Band, it is fitting that this composition is preoccupied with marching. It begins with a marching song played by a solitary muted cornet, symbolic not only of the call to bandsmen to join the evangelical effort but also a muso-dramatic device to indicate the steady increase in members and technical ability! The music quickly develops into stirring versions of 'A robe of white' and 'Storm the forts of darkness' with two early day Salvation Army tunes crucially adding to the narrative; 'Marching on in the light of God' and 'Soldiers of our God, arise!' The second section is a reflective setting of the Herbert Booth song, 'The penitent's plea'. This song serves to represent the many people who were 'saved' during those early day campaigns. The expressive music transports the listener through a period of uncertainty and angst until finally reaching the song, 'There is a message, a simple message, and it's a message for us all'. The final section deals first with the emergence from the annals of history with the muted cornet figure again before, symbolically, the present day band bursts forth with an emphatic statement of 'Would you be free from your burden of sin? There's power in the blood'. The stirring climax represents a fitting tribute to those gallant pioneering musicians and their equally impressive and dedicated contemporaries.

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    PRAISE TO THE LORD (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    Written for the 2003 tour of Canada and USA by Bristol Easton Band of The Salvation Army, this set of variations provides the whole band with a stern examination of technical and musical aptitude, whilst engaging the listener from beginning to end. The commission given to the composer was to create a set of variations with a similar framework to that of Edward Gregson's 'Variations on Laudate Dominum'. As in the famous Gregson work, the theme (Lobe den Herren) is not heard in its entirety until the final section when the majestic tune provides a fitting and stirring conclusion to the music.

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    MAGNIFICAT (Brass Band Set) - Andrew Mackereth

    Commissioned by 'Taakgroep NBK' for the 4th section of the Netherlands National Brass Band Championships 2005.

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    Away in a Manger

    In English-speaking countries 'Away in a Manger' is one of the first Christmas songs to be taught to little children. It is a moving song with simple words, which makes it easy to understand. The song is also known as 'Luther's Cradle Hymn'. This suggests that Martin Luther was the author of the lyrics. According to researchers, however, this is a misconception the author is unknown. In England 'Away in a Manger' is sung to a different melody than in the USA, for example. The 'English' melody was composed by W.J. Kirkpatrick. Andrew Mackereth made a touching arrangement of the 'English' melody, which suits the tender lyrics perfectly.

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    General Series Band Journal December 2017 Numbers 2174-2177

    Festival March - Stowmarket 125 (Steven Ponsford)This festival march is traditional in style, abounds in energy and features the lesser known chorus 'In that city built four square' which the corps at Stowmarket have featured through the years.At the cross (Paul Sharman)This meditation was originally written for the Disciples of the Cross commissioning and features 'To thy cross, I come Lord', 'At the cross where I first saw the light' and other melodic references to 'The Cross of Christ' are also found within.Flugel Horn Solo How deep the fathers love (Andrew Mackereth)The beautiful contemporary song has been set in a developed Flugel Horn Solo which should have an instant appeal to both soloist and band.Evry time I feel the spirit (Dean Jones)The classic spiritual is given an up-tempo feel and has been featured by the International Staff Band in recent programmes.

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2016 Numbers 1271 - 1274

    No. 1271 Disciples of the cross (Andrew Mackereth)No. 1272 Because he lives (arr. Kenneth Downie)No. 1273 Cornet (Flugel) Solo - Tumblin' Down (Keith Manners)No. 1274 Selection - Come, Holy Spirit (Noel Jones)

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    General Series Band Journal August 2014 Numbers 2134-2137

    No. 2134 Festival March - Troops Salute (Paul Sharman)Written to mark the retirement of Major John Mott as Bandmaster of the Household Troops Band in 2010, this march features the tunes 'Are you washed?' and 'There's only one flag for me'. No. 2135 Songs of Salvation (Andrew Mackereth)This piece was written for Haaglanden Band in the Netherlands and contains some old Salvation Army Songs; 'Ring the bell, watchman' (T.B. 776), 'Make no delay' (T.B.730), 'Room for Jesus' (T.B. 395), 'Tell me the old, old story' (T.B. 265) and 'Praise God, I'm saved' (T.B. 770).No. 2136 Shepherd's Carol (Dean Jones arr. Kenneth Downie)Originally published in November 1955, this lovely carol was written by father and son, Dean and Henry Goffin, both of whom were Salvation Army officers. Commissioner Sir Dean Goffin was awarded his kinghthood in the Queen's Honours list of 1983No. 2137 On High! (Martin Cordner)Taking its inspiration from the world of rock music, this piece features the song, 'Lord, I lift your name on high'.

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