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    Champagner Galop - H. C. Lumbye - Bert Van Thienen

    Champagner Galop - Hans Christian Lumbye (arr. Bert Van Thienen) - 2'15'' - BVT010 Lovely classic work of Hans Christian Lumbye (1810-1874), also known as the Strauss of the North. Let the champagne pop!

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    Children of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione - Mike Kilmartin

    Children of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione - arr. Mike Kilmartin - 2'30'' - BVT061 This made famous by the legendary flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione, and is also the soundtrack to the 1979 film Children of Sanchez. Chuck Mangione won a Grammy for the title song. This arrangement was written for the Unite the Union Band for 2014 Butlins Brass Band Championships. It is powerful and will kick start any concert or concert off with a bang.

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    Fire - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich

    Fire - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich - 08'30'' - BVT113 Fire is one of the four great elements; earth, water, wind and fire, which create the universe in buddhistic aspect. Fire creates living beings, fire gives world warmth and fire can be the symbol of romance. However, fire can also destroy the world when human uses it out of their angriness, hatred and jealousy. This piece begins with the creation of the world and living beings. The slow movement in the middle of the piece defines fire as the symbol of warmth and romance. After the warm moment of fire has gone, the theme of war begins. It is caused by the misuse of fire from human which brings the world and humanity to the end. The strong ending of this piece represents the end of world and humanity.

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    Garde du Corps - R.B. Hall - Neville Buxton

    Garde du Corps - R.B. Hall - arr. Neville Buxton - 3'00'' - BVT114 One of the most famous marches by American composer Robert Browne Hall, the ‘March King of Maine’. Besides composing he also was a cornet virtuoso and a bandmaster. One of his compositions was played during the funeral procession held for President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

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    Loch Lomond - Scottish Trad. - Max Stannard

    Loch Lomond - Scottish Traditional - arr. Max Stannard - 03'00'' - BVT088 TROMBONE SOLO Lovely traditional folk song arranged for trombone soloist and band. 'Loch Lomand' is the largest lake in Scotland, located 12 miles from Glasgow. The name 'Loch Lomond' can also look familiar as it is the favourite whiskey from captain Haddock in the comics of Tin-tin.

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    Nearer, My God, To Thee - Lowell Mason & James L. Stevens - Mike Kilmartin

    Nearer, My God, To Thee - Lowell Mason & James L. Stevens - arr. Mike Kilmartin - 3'00'' - BVT119 “Nearer, My God, to Thee” is a 19th-century Christian hymn which retells a story from ‘Genesis’: "So he came to a certain place and stayed there all night, because the sun had set. And he took one of the stones of that place and put it at his head, and he lay down in that place to sleep. Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it..."The hymn was also used by other composers like Carl Nielsen and Charles Ives, and was played by the string ensemble on the movie ‘Titanic’ when the vessel sank.This arrangement is based on the beautiful BYO choir version and Mike Kilmartin did a great job making a lovely band version of it.

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    Paint it, Black - Richards/Jagger - Mike Kilmartin

    Paint it, Black - Mick Jagger & Keith Richards - arranged by Mike Kilmartin - 2'00'' - BVT075 'Paint it, Black' is a song by the Rolling Stones, released in 1966. The song was also featured in video games like Guitar Hero III, during the end credits of 'The Devil's Advocate' and used as the opening theme song of the television series 'Tour of Duty'.

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    Reflection - Nick Van Elsen

    Reflection - Nick Van Elsen - 05'10'' - BVT134 Reflection' is written for the wind band of the 'Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg' conducted by Tom D' Joos, this orchestra also worked on 'Klankspiegelingen', a bigger project on the occasion of the first anniversary of the carillon in Neerpelt. The composer distilled a number of themes for his choral 'Reflection'.

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    Salute - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Salute - Stijn Aertgeerts - 6'00'' - BVT068 'Salute' is written for conductor Nico Meylemans and the Royal Fanfare Band 'Moed & Volharding' from Heist -op-den -Berg (B). The work commemorates all war victims from Heist-op-den-Berg who died during World War I. The salute is a sign of respect for the fallen, the famous 'Last Post' theme is also incorporated into the piece.

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    The Commander - R.B. Hall - Neville Buxton

    The Commander - R.B. Hall - arranged by Neville Buxton - 02'20'' - BVT133 American composer Robert Browne Hall, nicknamed the 'March King of Maine', is known for his various handsome marches including 'The Commander'. Besides being a successful composer, he also was a cornet virtuoso and conductor.

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