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    New World Melody - Dvorak - Graham Robinson

    Made famous many years ago by the "Hovis" advert, the slow theme from Dvorak's New World Symphony has since become a popular favorite with the classical concert audience. This arrangement brings many of the popular themes from Dvorak's symphony together to produce a smooth calm and relaxing piece for your audience to sit back, and enjoy.

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    Largo (From the New World Symphony) - Antonin Dvorak - Andi Cook

    Dvorak's music, is filled with memorable themes and this movement is no exception. For years associated with Bread advert, this arrangement for brass band is simply stunning, creating a warm sound throughout the sections of the band and playable by all levels of band. A perfect item for any concert.

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    A New Dawn - Christopher Bond

    Tenor Horn Solo with Brass BandA New Dawn (2013) was commissioned by and written for British tenor horn virtuoso Owen Farr in late 2013, to provide the title track of his new CD album. With a specific brief, the work was to include a bold ear-catching fanfare-esque opening to bring maximum impact to the opening of the album, before settling in a rhythmic groove which allows the new tempo and reduced texture to settle before the entry of the tenor horn, who’s initial four bar motif is what forms the basis of much of the work. Following this, structurally, the work follows with a set of variations, carefully demonstrating the capabilities of the instrument and indeed the player. Bar 90 sees the return of the bold opening gestures, this time followed with a harmonic transformation, before a recapitulation at bar 120 which sees a return to the original tenor horn material and an increase in intensity, volume and virtuosity through to the close.A New Dawn was premiered by Owen Farr and the Cornwall Youth Brass Band on 30th December 2013, and was recorded by Owen and the Cory Band in March 2014, featuring as the title track on his CD release of the same name.

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    Antonin's New World - Antonin Dvorak - Dizzy Stratford

    Antonin's New World is an excellent piece of musical theatre featuring a comedy act for triangle soloist and band. The music itself does not sound comical, being based on Anton Dvorak's Symphony in E Minor (From the New World), but the right mix of seriousness and humour brings a surprising effect. With a bit of acting talent from your triangle soloist, this interpretation of the well known classical melody will be a major hit. Whether you choose Antonin's New World as a "triangle solo" novelty piece or simply as a delightful adaptation of Dvorak's immensely popular Ninth Symphony, both the band and the audience will love it!

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    What A Wonderful World - Brass Band

    This timeless classic of the Louis Armstrong smash hit 'What a wonderful world', as featured in the Robin Williams film ' Good Morning Vietnam' has been brought to your band in this wonderful new setting by Peter Ratnik. A must for any concert.

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    A New Christmas Festival - Malcolm Binney

    A kaleidscope of the familiar & less familiar carols wrapped up in a brilliant & dynamic concert piece

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    NEW WORLD SYMPHONY, Themes from The (Brass Band Set) - Dvorak - Ray Steadman-Allen

    For three years the Czech composer Dvorak lived and worked in America and this, his ninth and last symphony, contains impressions of that continent. This arrangement for brass band follows the scheme of the original in movement order and theme presentation although a certain amount of 'condensing' of material has naturally been inevitable.

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    New World Symphony (Themes) - Dvorak, A - Rimmer, D

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    A Disney Spectacular

    Includes: Be Our Guest; Beauty and the Beast; Bella Notte (This is the Night); Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo; A Spoonful of Sugar; Under the Sea; A Whole New World.

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    A Swiss Festival Overture - Philip Sparke

    The Berne Music Association commissioned a Swiss Festival Overture for the Bern Canton Music Festival held in Langenthal in 1989. It was composed both for brass and wind bands as both types of band took part in the contest.The overture starts with a noble and spacious fanfare based on a Bb triad. A quieter moment follows with a long theme unfolding from echoes of the fanfare and this builds to a climax where the fanfare returns. Over a stained chord this triad figure echoesin free time and introduces a short euphonium cadenza. This leads back to the opening, which accelerates into a lively Vivo. Percussion hammers out a new rhythm and after a few bars a rhythmic accompaniment starts up over which a perky tune which starts quietly is then taken up by the full band. A short bridge passage on the horns leads to a legato tune from the middle of the band which is again taken up by the full band. After a climax this subsides to a sustained bass note with rhythmic echoes of the first vivo tune. Bit by bit this reappears until the a full-blown recapitulation leads to a short Coda based on the opening fanfare.

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