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    Fantasy for Trombone - James Curnow

    This popular piece has become a core part of the trombone repertory and a chance to show both lyrical and bravura styles in an attractive and showy (yet not overly difficult) concert piece.

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    Swingin' Kilts - John Blanken

    John Blanken has created a swinging arrangement of the famous Scottish traditional tune Scotland the Brave. The usual version with bagpipes is the best known and there is a similarity in Swingin' Kilts owing to its long, drone-like tones in the accompaniment. The theme has been rhythmically adapted but it is still easily recognisable. Swingin' Kilts holds a challenge for every brass band. It makes demands in terms of timing and technique which give this work the bravura feel that will keep the audience as well as the musicians swinging in their seats.

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    The Challenger - Bertrand Moren

    As the title suggests, this piece would be a good venture for those who like to tackle challenges - whether they are life's grand challenges or somewhat simpler tasks such as performing this sonorous, impressive and demanding march. The technical and rhythmical effects contribute to this bravura work which will keep both the audience and the musicians spellbound.

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    Christians Awake - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Christmas time is my favourite time of year. I love the festive spirit and all the Christmas music both traditional and modern.I came across the carol "Christians Awake" a number of years ago when I played in a carol concert with the Black Dyke Band and the Halifax Choral Society. I think it is a fabulous carol and it is now one of my favourite Christmas carols.Two good friends of mine; Angela and Christopher Clough were married during the Christmas period in 2007. They both play with the band Wardle Anderson Brass who played at their wedding. They asked me if I could compose a piece for the band to play while Angela walked down the aisle. So for their wedding present I composed a fanfare using the carol Christians Awake.They were thrilled with the piece as was I. It works really well as a concert opener or an opener to the second half of a Christmas concert. It should be played with lots of bravura and pomp and full of the spirit of Christmas.Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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    Masque (Brass Band/Score & Parts) - Kenneth Hesketh

    has been transcribed for brass band from Hesketh's for Orchestra, commissioned by the National Children's Orchestra in 1987. The main theme is bravura and is often present, in the background. The form of the piece is a simple scherzo-trio-scherzo, and has colourful scoring (solos alternating with full bodied tuttis) with a dash of wildness!

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    The Waltonian - JJ Richards - Dominique Morel

    Used by the Cory Band in their winning performance at the 2008 Brass in Concert Championships, this popular circus march is jam packed with bravura for all sections of the band. One of JJ Richard's finest marches, superbly arranged by Dominique Morel.

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    MUSIC FOR A JOYFUL OCCASION (Revisited) (Brass Band Set) - Kenneth Downie

    This music was originally written to mark the 24th anniversary of The Salvation Army's Canadian Staff Band and was performed by the band, under the direction of the composer, in January 1993. The inspiration was the theme chorus of the International Corps Cadet rally held in London in 1956; 'Jesus, I love you, I love you with tender care'. The mood of the music is often high-spirited and humorous and frequently calls for a sense of bravura although there are some tender moments too. This new edition was produced for The International Staff Band, omitting the singing and trombone quartet but containing new material in the same high-spirited style of the original.

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