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    Concerto for Euphonium (Parts only) - Kenneth Downie

    An accessible and enjoyable showpiece for soloists of all ages. The concerto's three movements are in a tuneful, melodic style and bravura passages are mixed with others designed to exploit the singing qualities of the instrument. The first movement is a vigorous allegro in which the short, pithy motifs of the opening theme contrast with the broad sweep of the second subject. A short cadenza-like passage yields to a high-spirited episode before a reprise of the opening ends the movement quietly. The second movement opens with a warm, romantic melody which is soon taken up by the soloist. A short animated section gives way to the earlier tutti theme, this time with passionate decoration from the soloist before the music gently unwinds in a tranquil coda. The finale has a bouncy, festive feel. After the first subject runs its course there is a brief journey through a more contrapuntal style, before a spirited presto moves into a compound episode before returning to the opening idea. A jubilant coda brings the work to a conclusion.

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