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    A Letter Home - Jonathan Bates

    A Letter Home was composed for Kirsty Abbotts and the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band for their opening set at the 2014 Brass in Concert Championships, held at the Sage Centre in Gateshead.The music isn't the setting of the text, but is inspired by a select of the words of much cherished World War I poet, Siegfried Sassoon's poem of the same name.

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    Letter from Home - Philip Sparke

    In Letter from Home Philip Sparke portrays the many feelings and emotions that a letter from home can evoke. This intimate works opens with a gentle melody, which gradually becomes more confused as new emotions are introduced. Finally resignation sets in, but a sense of peace and balance is restored with the fi nal chorale. In this emotional work Philip Sparke truly captures the highs and lows of being away from home.

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    Dream of the Return - Pat Metheny

    Dream of the Return is one of the tracks on Pat Metheny's album of 1989 "Letter from Home".The CD recording is remarkable for its variety, imagination and musical artistry, and the combining of Latin American rhythms with jazz harmonyproduces magical results especially with Pat Metheny's guitar playing.While most tracks on the CD are instrumental, this song stands out because of its beautiful lyrics (by Pedro Aznar) which, roughly translated, are:I tossed a poemto the sea that took my questions and my voice.Like a sinking ship it was lost in the waves.I begged it not to return without having seen the open seaAnd in my dreams, show me what it had seen.Even if it did notcomeback I would know that it had journeyed.Floating all the time on calm or stormy seasEven though some safe haven waits.I waited long for its answer and almost gave up hope,And with a yearning voice I cried desperatelyto the heavens.Much later, somehow, it was washed ashore like an answered prayer.Now the rolling sea beats in my veins and sets my heart free

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