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    Alpine March - Bertrand Moren

    Bertrand Moren composed Alpine March for the Hochwaliser Musikfest in Blatten, Switzerland in 2004. The march opens in a festive 6/8 time with lots of dynamic contrast and characteristic 6/8 rhythms. The Trio-section however is written in 2/4 time and is very lyrical. With a da capo this march, written by the winner of last year's European Brass Band Composition Contest, is brought to a thrilling close.

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    Ancient Monuments - Bertrand Moren

    This three-movement concert work takes its inspiration from the picturesque Swiss town of Sion and its castles and churches dating from the Middle Ages. Bertrand Moren attempts to imagine what life was like at the time these great buildings were constructed. With this piece you can take your band back to ancient times, mixing modal religious themes with the gory battles on the town walls!

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    Dreams - Bertrand Moren

    This composition by Bertrand Moren presents various dreams which could have an effect on a dreamer's life. Its very high level of difficulty provides a great challenge for the conductor and musicians. You will be taken through a living Nightmare, with spine-chilling passages as dissonant chords alternate with aggressive percussion. Daydream is a patchwork of solos with all the brass band soloists playing serene and soft melodic lines with a virtuosic trombone cadenza. Finally, Visions portrays visions of insanity reflected by violent and discordant descending motifs leading to visions of joy presented in a sparkling and cheerful finale.

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    Starlight - Bertrand Gay - Bertrand Moren

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    Music for Cinema - Bertrand Moren

    In Music for Cinema Bertrand Moren pays tribute to film music, a genre he has particularly passion for. The work opens with a sonorous introduction which gradually leads into the central passage which alternates between discordant plaintive lines and expressive and passionate solo phrases. A mysterious and tense bridge passage brings a feeling of fear which leads into the finale in which the opening melodic line returns over perky and joyful rhythms.

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    Festive - Bertrand Moren

    Bertrand Moren originally composed this march for the brass band Concordia of Bagnes in Switzerland, of which he is the conductor. Festive develops a sparkling and playful melodic line over a strong theme in the low brass section. This version for concert band is full of vitality and will bring a touch of liveliness to any concert. Festive is also suitable for an outdoor performance.

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