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    OH! WHAT A LOVELY WAR (Brass Band) - Siebert, Edrich

    Brass Band Set (inc. Solo Cornet Conductor). Includes: It's a Long Way to Tipperary; when this Lousy War is Over; Mademoiselle from Amentieres; Theres a Long Long Trail A-Winding; Rule Britannia.

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    Deliverance (from War of the Worlds Suite) (Soprano Cornet or Tenor Horn Solo with Brass Band) - Graham, Peter

    Deliverance is the fourth movement of the suite War of the Worlds which was commissioned by the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Saxophone Orchestra and first performed by them in the Maeda Hall, Japan on June 29 2012, the composer conducting. The music is dedicated to Professor Shin-ichi Iwamoto. The transcription for brass band was first performed by the Brighouse & Rastrick Band, conductor David King, in the Bridgewater Hall Manchester on September 8 2012.The suite takes inspiration from the 1953 film script adaptation of the famous HG Wells novel and key scenes from the film are set as individual movements: Deliverance - survivors seek sanctuary in the Church of Santa Maria, still standing among the burning ruins of Los Angeles, and pray for deliverance from the invaders.Each movement of War of the Worlds is available separately allowing for a variety of "mini-suite" combinations eg: Movements 1,2 and 5 or 3,4 and 5 etc.

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  • £24.95

    SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE (Brass Band) - Ray, Lilian - Bryce, Frank

    Brass Band Set (inc. Solo Cornet Conductor). The Sunshine of Your Smile was a British popular song published in London in 1913 just before the First World War.

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  • £19.50

    Kathleen Mavourneen - Frederick Crouch - Andi Cook

    Composed by Frederick Crouch with lyrics by Marion Crawford, this easy listening piece was popular during the American Civil War years. The term “Mavourneen" is derived from Irish Gaelic "My Beloved.". Now skilfully arranged as a cornet solo by Andi Cook, the work is open to soloists of most standards and was recently recorded on the final James Shepard Versatile Brass CD, Legacy which has increased it’s popularity again within the Brass Band movement.

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  • £83.00

    Pictures From Wartime - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Pictures From Wartime - Stijn Aertgeerts - 7'30'' - BVT121 CORNET SOLO 'Pictures From Wartime' tries to describe all aspects of the war era. In the first part, the sadness of seeing friends, family and loved ones leave to the battlefield. The despair as soon as messages of casualties come in, the pain that accompanies it, and then finish this part proudly and with beautiful memories. The connecting second part outlines the battle itself. Heavy, dangerous, do everything to survive and camaraderie between combatants. The last movement shows the evolution of more cowardly and daring war tactics, such as the use of mustard gas, the atomic bomb and all that modernization of weapons has brought us to date. All this for one purpose, peace ?!

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