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    A Quiet Moment - Darrol Barry

    There is a place in every concert programme for a piece of music that allows both the band and audience a moment to reflect. This composition by Darrol Barry is suitable for all bands and will make a perfect addition to your repertoire as bands look to commemorate the several anniversaries taking place over the next few years in relation to WWI and WWII. A lovely moving work that makes a great alternative to a hymn tune.

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    Hinky Dinky - Traditional - John Lee

    Mademoiselle from Armenti?res (also known as Hinky Dinky) was one of the most popular songs of World War One and known in many versions, often with extremely dubious lyrics! The origins of the jaunty melody are not certain but it could date back as far as the 1830's and may be a French military tune. The instructions on 'standing' and 'sitting' are intended as a guide only and should be adapted to suit the needs and athleticism of individual bands! A perfect addition to a band's repertoire in this WWI Centenary year.

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  • £65.00

    It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary

    Written by Jack Judge, this iconic song is from the WWI era and frequently heard in music halls across the land. This new arrangement for brass band has the same joyful optimism of the original.

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  • £66.00

    Cortege - Cecil Coles - Bert Van Thienen

    Cort?ge (from Behind the Lines) - Cecil Coles - arr. Bert Van Thienen - 4'00'' - BVT060 Cecil Coles was a Scottish composer who was killed by a German sniper in world war one, and is buried in Crouy (Northern-France). During WWI he sent manuscripts to his friend Gustav Holst, en his music was rediscovered in 2001 when it was used in the documentary serie 'The First World War'.

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