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    King Of The Road - Rodger Miller - Lee Rogers

    If there was one song that would encapsulate the laid back, easy-going nature of the bass trombone player - this is it! Roger Miller's classic 1964 song has now been skilfully arranged by Lee Rogers which can feature either the bass trombone or Eb Bass. The band parts also enjoy the laid back nature of the soloist with the melody featuring throughout different sections. Recorded by Dean Martin, The Proclaimers, Jerry Lee Lewis & countless other, this item is pure entertainment and just begs for the soloist to endure the "hobo" look as the song's lyrics describes. A must for all bands.

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    Show Me The Way To Go Home - Hal Swain and Irvin King - Adrian Horn

    This band feature begins as only a drinking song could do, with a trombone trio taking the lead! The song was composed by the English song writing team, James Campbell and Reginald Connelly under their pseudonyms, Hal Swain and Irvin King during a train journey, prior to which, they had enjoyed a few drinks! Arranged by Adrian Horn originally for the Poynton Band, this is a great showcase arrangement of a modern classic featuring all sections of the band and giving the soloists a chance to shine. Great entertainment value.

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    European Brass Band Championships 2019 DVD

    DVD 11_1Introduction to the Championships 1_2Conversation with Ludovic Neurohr 1_3Dear CassandraLudovic NeurohrEikanger-Bj?rsvik Musikklag conducted by Ingar H. Bergby1_4Conversation with Magnus Brandseth & Gyda Matland 1_5Explorers on the MoonPaul RaphaelCory Band conducted by Philip Harper1_6Conversation with Philip Harper & Glyn Williams 1_7King Kong on Rue Igor-StravinskyPaul McGheeBrass Band B?rgermusik Luzern conducted by Michael Bach1_8Conversation with Michael Bach & Tobias Lang 1_9Music of the SpheresPhilip SparkeParis Brass Band conducted by Florent Didier1_10Conversation with Florent Didier 1_11A Brussels RequiemBert AppermontBrighouse & Rastrick Band conducted by Professor David King1_12Conversation with Professor David King 1_13GlassSimon DobsonValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc1_14Conversation with Ars?ne Duc & Vincent Bearpark 1_15Cory celebrations DVD 22_1SpectrumGilbert VinterBrass Band Regensburg conducted by Dave Lea2_2Conversation with Dave Lea & Florent Nicklas 2_3Intrada FestivaAlan FernieWardle Academy Youth Band conducted by Lee Rigg2_4Allegro from Trombone ConcertoRimsky-Korsakov arr. Gordon LangfordAdam Warburton with Wardle Academy Youth Band conducted by Lee Rigg2_5Conversation with Lee Rigg & players 2_6SanctuaryDaniel HallCatch Basin Brass Band conducted by Andreas Lackner2_7Conversation with Andreas Lackner & players 2_8Thoughts of LoveArthur PryorManuel Zemp with BML Talents conducted by Patrick Ottiger2_9Conversation with Patrick Ottiger & players 2_10Blue StarterOliver WaespiEuropean Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_11It don’t mean a thingEllington arr. Jack CortnerPatrick Ottiger with European Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_12Ende MaiMarkus Fl?ckiger arr. Corsin TuorEuropean Youth Brass Band conducted by Bertrand Moren2_13EuroflashDamien LaggerValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_14Concertino in BlueBertrand MorenLionel Fumeaux with Valaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_15Valaisia VariantsTom DavorenValaisia Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc2_16Finale from William Tell OvertureRossini arr. Gregor J. GrantValaisia Brass Band and European Youth Brass Band conducted by Ars?ne Duc

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    Grant Kirkhope Grant Kirkhope is a BAFTA nominated British composer who has created the soundtrack for video games that have sold in excess of 30 million copies. From “GoldenEye” to “Banjo-Kazooie”, “Viva Pi?ata” to “Donkey Kong”, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” to “Civilization: Beyond Earth” and “Perfect Dark” to “Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse”. He has also recently scored the feature film “The King’s Daughter” starring Pierce Brosnan and William Hurt and is currently working on “Yooka Laylee” and “Dropzone”. Grant’s score for “Viva Pi?ata” was nominated by BAFTA in the Original Score category in its 2007 awards. Grant is represented by the prestigious Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency by Cheryl Tiano and Kevin Korn. Grant has a degree in music from the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, where he majored in classical trumpet, is a green card holder and now lives in Agoura Hills, LA with his wife and two children. “Ian and I first met when we were around 15 years old. We both played in our county orchestra, the North Yorkshire Schools Symphony Orchestra (I was a trumpet player). I think we hit it off straight away, as we were definitely a couple of cheeky kids, if you know what I mean! We both ended up playing in Rowntree Mackintosh Brass Band for a while too which Ian’s Dad, Trevor conducted. We bumped into each other again when we both went for the Shell/LSO Scholarship. I got to the area finals in Manchester so I was pretty pleased with myself but then I saw Ian and I knew it was all over! Of course Ian went on to win and the rest is history. I saw him again when I was attending the Royal Northern College of Music around 1983 by which time Ian had just got the principal chair at the Halle Orchestra. Then I guess 30 something years went by as we both went about our lives and lost touch. We re-kindled our friendship due to his wife really. She emailed me to say it was Ian’s 50th birthday and she was collecting stories from all his friends over the years. After that we got back in touch and then one day on Facebook I got a message from him in typical dry Yorkshire fashion “now then Grant, I had a listen to your music and I think it’s good, how about writing a piece for me ?” I was a little bit unsure at first but of course I loved Ian’s playing and of course I said yes. Over a Skype call in 2016, he asked me what I thought I’d write. I said since I live in LA I’d like to write a “Hollywood” trombone piece. Imagine if John Williams had written a piece for solo trombone, that’s what I’d like to write - well I’d certainly like to try” – Grant Kirkhope