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    Rogier van Otterloo Medley - Rogier van Otterloo

    Before his untimely death in 1988, Dutch composer Rogier van Otterloo became well-known for the film music he wrote to various successful Dutch movies. In this medley, made by his youngest son, Thijs van Otterloo, the themes of Help, de dokter verzuipt! (Help, the Doctor Is Drowning!, 1974) and Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange, 1977) have been used, as well as Esther (from Soldier of Orange). A fantastic trip into the field of world cinema music.

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    Invocation - Marc van Delft

    In this work the Dutch composer Marc van Delft attempts to bring together two parties (former friends), after they have grown inexplicably apart. For this reason he calls in the help (Invocation) from the medium of music.At first, 'Invocation' radiates a sense of serene calme, from which the composer gradually creates an atmosphere resembling a conversation.Half-way there is an increase of suspense, ending once again in calm.The listener remains uncertain, however, regarding the finish. In dit werk probeert de Nederlandse componist Marc van Delft twee partijen samen te brengen (vroegere vrienden), nadat ze op onverklaarbare wijze uit elkaar zijn gegroeid. Daaromroept hij de hulp in (Invocation) van het medium muziek. In het begin straalt 'Invocation' een gevoel van serene rust uit, waaruit de componist geleidelijk een sfeer creeert die lijkt op een gesprek. Halverwege is er een toename van de spanning, die weer in rust eindigt. De luisteraar blijft echter onzeker over de afloop.

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    Battle Symphony, The - Beethoven, L. van

    I used this for many many outdoor concerts with Fodens and Desford, and most memorably (for me) at one of my Royal Albert Hall Gala Concerts with a light show, full battle scenes with muskets, cannons and competing English and French Fanfare Trumpets. It needs a few extra cornets/trumpets for the warring fanfares and a couple of extra percussionists for the louder effects. Audiences love it, especially with the background to the Napoleonic Wars filled in, the madness and the badness of so-called 'great' men. Duration: 12 minutes approximately, according to repeats.Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPriceAdagio (from Sonata Pathetique)Beethoven, L. van?27.50Allegro con brio: FINALE from 7th SymphonyBeethoven, L. van?45.00Beethoven's BeanoWarlock?22.50

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    A Baroque Triptych (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Beringen, Robert van

    In his own distinctive style, Robert van Beringen has composed a very unique fantasy on three themes by the famous Baroque composers Johann Sebastian Bach and George Friedrich Hndel. Van Beringen used Bach's chorale Brich an, o schnes Morgenlicht ('Break forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light') from his Christmas Oratorio and the recitative Behold, a Virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel, God with Us from Hndel's Messiah. A perfect way to say Merry Christmas in music!Duration: 5:00

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    Tulca 101 - Brass Band - John van Gulik

    A great march from John van Gulik

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    Circusdom - Frederick Jewell - Bert Van Thienen

    Frederick Jewell was a prolific composer of music for the circus in the early 20th century, producing over 100 marches and screamers. He was leader of the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey, Hagenbeck-Wallace and Sells-Floto circus bands during his career. Circusdom is one of his most popular marches, skilfully arranged for brass band by Bert Van Thienen.

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    Rockin' Elise - Ludwig van Beethoven - Frank Bernaerts

    Based on Ludwig van Beethoven's "FAr Elise", Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor

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    Bessarabyanke - Sjaak van der Reijden

    A Yiddish theme is by the composer at a very spectacular way developed into an amazing concert bouncer. Van der Reijden's experience as a trumpeter and arranger of the Klezmer Band Di Gojim 'comes in handy. A great work, full of challenge for all sections of the brassband!

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    Cambridgeshire Impressions - Rieks van der Velde

    In a four-part composition Rieks van der Velde takes us to the richly varied area surrounding the university city of Cambridge. The Dutch composer was especially inspired by the atmosphere of Cambridgeshire, the county which lies north ofLondon. 1. The Journey. Although on arrival the area looks peaceful and friendly, the ruggedness of its inhabitants and landscape have an unmistakable influence on the music. In the course of the tour, which starts with an Allegromovement, we are shown the vitality, energy and freshness of the Cambridgeshire countryside. Short themes, swift and sudden motifs and rhythmical patterns supported by the drive of percussion instruments give expression to this image. Thefirst part is concluded by two Calmo movements in which the music expresses how the cathedral in the city of Ely comes into sight and is gradually approached. 2. Visit to Ely Cathedral. The famous Norman cathedral church of Ely, whichwas built in 1109, has attracted tourists from all over the world apart from being a place of worship and heritage site. A cornet solo introduces the contemplative mood of the composition at this point. The mystical atmosphere of thecathedral runs through this lyrical part like a continuous thread. 3. The Pub. The thirst caused by this intensive journey makes a visit to the local pub a definite must. These "public houses", which may be open until the earlyhours of the morning, offer all kinds of entertainment. Drinks are served liberally and the atmosphere is lively. 4. The Journey Back. Time has flown: In other words, the moment of departure has come sooner than one would havewished. In a flashback which recaptures elements of the first part of the composition we say goodbye to Cambridgeshire in a fitting manner. Two scintillating final measures bring us abruptly back to the present.

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