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    AVE VERUM CORPUS (4 Euphoniums/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    4 Euphoniums & Brass Band (All cornets and percussion - tacet)

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    Pomp & Circumstance March No.4 - Edward Elgar - Phillip Littlemore

    Pomp & Circumstance March No. 4 was completed in June 1907, shortly after his fiftieth birthday. Like the first, it contains an equally impressive ‘big tune’ in the trio section, but it also matches No.1 in that it has a lively, rhythmic march element to envelope it. Unlike No.1 though, Elgar cleverly superimposes one on top of the other for the final, extended coda. Several attempts have been made to fit words to the main tune, the first of which were by the composer’s wife, Alice, for her song The King’s Way to celebrate the opening of a road in London. The music was then set to Alfred Noye’s Song of Victory before a later attempt to make a patriotic Song of Liberty for World War II by the author A P Herbert. Item Code: TPBB-048 Duration: 4'50"

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    Set 4 Hymns - Wadsworth, G

    Includes a full band set (no score)No. 1 StocksbridgeNo. 2 WolsinghamNo. 3 YeadonNo. 4 Cawthorne

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    Set of 4 Hymns - Various

    Includes a full band set (no score)Hymn 1: Eternal Home by J. A. GreenwoodHymn 2: Heavenly King by J. A. GreenwoodHymn 3: Gladsome Sounds by J. A. GreenwoodHymn 4: Gentle Jesus by W. Rimmer

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    4 Festive Dances - SUSATO, Tielman (Arr.: Mourey / Moren)

    1. La Mourisque 2. Bransle 1 3. Bransle 2 4. Hercules Oft Maticine Dance

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    SYMPHONY No. 4 - W. Boyce

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    Oxygene Part 4 - Brass Band - Jean-Michel Jarre

    Probably the most popular track from french composer Jean-Michel Jarre arranged here for brass band.

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    FINALE FROM SYMPHONY No.4, Excerpts from (Brass Band Set) - Tchaikovsky - William Gordon

    Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote his fourth symphony in 1877 and 1878. It was first performed in the latter year conducted by Nikolai Rubenstein. Despite initial critical reaction, the symphony has become a staple of the orchestral repertoire and is one of the most frequently performed late 19th century symphonies. In the exciting finale, Tchaikovsky incorporates a famous Russian folk song, 'In the field stood a birch tree' as one of its themes.

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    Black and White Rag (Solo for Xylophone - soloist grade 8, band 4+) - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Black and White Rag is a 1908 ragtime composition by George Botsford. It was made famous by pianist Winifred Atwell and it helped her to establish an international profile. It was also used as the theme tune to the BBC snooker series 'Pot Black'.

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    March from Pines of Rome (N?4) & Prelude (N?1), The - Respighi, O.

    THIS IS A NEW EDITION. The arranger has made some very small revisions and corrections and is confident that this new presentation will be very welcome. It can now be ordered on this site as usual. The manuscript version of the March has now been withdrawn.'Pines of the Villa Borghese' - Children are at play in the pine groves of Villa Borghese; they dance round in circles. They play at soldiers, marching and fighting, excited by their own cries, they come and go in swarms like swallows in the evening.The March - 'Pines of the Appian Way' - It's a misty dawn on the Appian Way, solitary pine trees guarding the landscape. The muffled, marching tread of footsteps becomes louder and louder. Trumpets sound and, in the brilliance of the newly-risen sun, a consular army marches forth along The Sacred Way, finally ascending in triumph to the Capitol to celebrate "A Triumph."Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPricePines of Rome (Complete Version), TheRespighi, O.?82.00Polotsvian Dances (complete)Borodin, A.?45.00Procession to the MinisterWagner, R.?44.50Roman Festivals (complete)Respighi, O.?62.50

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