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    English Tryptich - D. Chaulk

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    Roman Tryptich - L. Baker

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    Musica Helvetica - Jan de Haan

    Every year a competition for wind orchestras and brass bands takes place in Wallberg, Switzerland. Apart from a hymn and a solo piece, all orchestras also have a compulsory piece to play. The commission to create a compulsory piece for the 2012 competition fell to Jan de Haan. The composition is entitled Musica Helvetica. It takes the form of a three-part concert work, in which the last two parts flow directly from one to the other. The first part, Musica Prima, is a brisk virtuoso opening with jazz flavours woven in. The following section, Musica Sacra, offers a contrast with an extraordinarily colourful instrumentation for the gorgeous main theme. The final part, Musica Alpina, is inspired by the great variety of scenery in Switzerland. With its witty humour it makes a worthy conclusion to this beautiful tryptich.

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