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    Trust in Me - Sherman, R & R - Harper, P

    The famous Python's Song from Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, arranged as a slippery-slidy trombone solo.3rd section +Duration 2 mins 30 secs

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    Trust in the Lord - Tim & LaDonna Johnson

    An arrangement of a bright, up-tempo American contemporary worship song by Tim and LaDonna Johnson.

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    Credo - Lorne Barry

    The music is largely based around the 19th Century Hymn 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. The title literally translates as 'to believe/trust' or 'to commit/trust in'. This musical journey of the believer takes its course through doubts and trials, to a reaffirmation of their faith.

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    In Quiet Pastures (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Steadman-Allen, Ray

    All three songs contained in this selection are sprung from the ideas contained in Psalm 23. 'Trust in God', 'Shepherd, hear my prayer' and 'At peace with God' are cleverly linked into one seamless texture.

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    In Quiet Pastures (Brass Band - Score only) - Steadman-Allen, Ray

    All three songs contained in this selection are sprung from the ideas contained in Psalm 23. 'Trust in God', 'Shepherd, hear my prayer' and 'At peace with God' are cleverly linked into one seamless texture.

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    Lyonesse (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Dobson, Simon

    Lyonesse was commissioned by the Brass Band Heritage Trust as the test piece for the Finals of the National Youth Brass Band Championships held in Manchester in April 2005. This atmospheric music, ideal as a test piece for First and Second section bands, takes its inspiration from the lost kingdom of Lyonesse, the mythical spur of land linking Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, and its associated legend of Tristan and Isolde.Suitable for 1st Section Bands and aboveDuration: 13.00

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    The Alchymist's Journal (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Hesketh, Kenneth

    The Alchymist's Journal (Variants for Brass Band) was commissioned by Faber Music Band Consultant Paul Hindmarsh in 2001, with the support of the Brass Band Heritage Trust, as a substantial concert/contest challenge that would be within the compass of the country’s most able youth and first section bands. It received its first performance in January 2002, by Black Dyke Band under Nicholas Childs, as part of the Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brass.Since its original publication, composer Kenneth Hesketh has made a number of revisions to the work. Most of these were included in the recording made by Foden's Band conducted by Bramwell Tovey. This definitive new edition, including all the composer's revisions, has been specially prepared for the 2015 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain and is the text that all bands performing were required to use.Suitable for 1st Section Bands and aboveDuration: 12 minutes

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    The Alchymist's Journal (Brass Band - Score only - Hesketh, Kenneth

    2015 National Championships Finals Testpiece - First Section - Extra score only.The Alchymist's Journal, subtitled Variants for brass band, was commissioned in 2001 by the Brass Band Heritage Trust and is dedicated to Paul Hindmarsh. This vibrant music is cast in the form of a series of extended symphonic variations based on a short theme heard at the start. After a quiet start, the music builds to an incisive and dramatic climax. Ideal for any First Section brass band contest.Suitable for 1st Section Bands and upDuration: 12 minutes

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    Hymn of Faith - Louis Bourgeois - John Blanken

    The French composer Louis Bourgeois lived from c.1510 to 1560. Bourgeois was cantor in Geneva and, commissioned by John Calvin, he composed melodies for metrical (rhyming) versions of the psalms. After completing about a hundred one-part psalms, he made some four-part arrangements, which were denounced and even resulted in his imprisonment for a day. Later, Bourgeois published a number of psalm collections, and judging from his book Le droict chemin de musique he was also an excellent educator. The melodies Bourgeois composed, are (contrary to Gregorian chants) particularly suitable for community singing. This applies to his hymn tune Saint Michael, which is why this melody has been used for various texts, written for many occasions. John Blanken made this arrangement for a wedding ceremony: an occasion in which faith and trust play a large - if not the largest - role. Hence the title Hymn of Faith. The arrangement contains four verses of the hymn. After a majestic opening the hymn follows twice, the second verse being embellished in the tenor register. After a short interlude verse three follows, played by a quartet. The majestic opening is then repeated as a modulation into the fourth verse, which concludes the work in a brilliant tutti.

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    Bestowal of a Century

    Bestowal of a Century (2014) was commissioned by Lowenna Taylor, and funded through her Harry Mortimer Trust award which she was presented with at the 2013 British Open Championship following the completion of her studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff. The 15-minute work received its world premiere at the Cornwall Youth Brass Band Christmas concert in 2014 with solosit, Lowenna, working alongside the band under the baton of Les Neish.The 'Bestowal' refers to the presentation of the Royal Trophy by the then Prince of Wales to the famous West of England Bandsman's Festival in Bugle in 1913. Over the years it has been won by some of the greatest names in brass banding, including Black Dyke and Munn & Feltons - although more recently it has become a wonderful open festival that includes sections for local bands as well as visitors from all over the banding globe. 2014 marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the presentation of the trophy, which is the only brass band trophy to have the official seal of royal patronage.The work, in three distinct sections, opens in a mysterious way, building progressively with interjections from the horn. The composer notes its as though one can imagine different part of the trophy being put together, piece by piece, until the trophy is complete and a climax is reached. Following this, a playful theme is presented which is developed throughout the first section and interacting between soloist and band.The second movement, in complete contrast, is a lyrical melody; heart-wrenching throughout, and sits well both as part of the concerto and also as a stand-alone solo item. The third movement is light-hearted and virtuosic, demonstrating the technical capabilities of the instrument with fast and virtuosic playing, and a cadenza towards the end of the work.

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