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    In Storm and Sunshine - J. C. Heed - Bert Van Thienen

    In Storm and Sunshine - John Clifford Heed (arr. Bert Van Thienen) - 3'10'' - BVT001 John Clifford Heed (1862-1908) composed more then 60 marches, In Storm and Sunshine is one of his best known.

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    Walking on Sunshine - Kimberley Rew - Stefan Schwalgin

    Walking on Sunshine has earned its place among the all-time favorite summer classics. Kimberley Rew, lead guitarist for the pop group Katrina and the Waves, wrote the song in 1985 and never looked back. Whether at a club or a cafe, everybody seems to smile when this song is heard. Bring sunshine to your next concert with Sefan Schwalgin's arrangement of this unforgettable classic!

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    Sunshine is a simple but effective waltz for junior band, featuring a pleasant tune, backed by a natural waltz accompaniment.

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    Ain't No Sunshine - Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Bill Withers

    "Ain't No Sunshine" is a song by Bill Withers from his 1971 album

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    SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE (Brass Band) - Ray, Lilian - Bryce, Frank

    Brass Band Set (inc. Solo Cornet Conductor). The Sunshine of Your Smile was a British popular song published in London in 1913 just before the First World War.

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    In Storm & Sunshine

    New Jersey born composer and musician John Clifford Heed, who was born during the American Civil War was as a cornet soloist and arranger in the legendary band of John Philip Sousa. J.C Heed was also known as the “March Wizard”. According to local legend in his hometown, it is claimed that Heed possibly wrote “The Stars and Stripes Forever”. Chris Houlding’s vibrant arrangement of “In Storm and Sunshine” is written in the style of a vibrant circus march, to be performed as quick as possible !Duration: 5 minutesPercussion: 3 players playing snare drum, bass drum, clash cymbals, triangle and glockenspiel. Grade 3: Medium 1st and 2nd Section Bands

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    Caribbean Sunshine - NORIS, Gunter

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    Bring Me Sunshine - Christopher Bond

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    Caribbean Sunshine - Gunter Noris

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