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    BASS BOYS, The (Tuba Quartet/Brass Band) - Duncan, Andrew

    Quartet for Tubas based on 'Good Vibrations'. Duration: 3:00 Grade: Medium

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    Andante Cantabile (from the String Quartet No. 1 in D major) - Tchaikovsky - Barry Strickle

    The string quartet No.1 in D Maj was the first of three composed by Tchaikovsky. The melancholic Andante cantabile movement of the quartet has become famous, and was founded on a folk-song the composer heard whistled by a house painter. When the quartet was performed at a tribute concert to Leo Tolstoy, the author was said to have been brought to tears by this movement. Now arranged by Barry Strickle for full Brass Band, this is a perfect piece for any occasion or concert.

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    CONCERTO GROSSO (Brass Quartet/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Please note: this is a facsimile set and printed to order. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL081D Cambridge Variations (The Music of Philip Sparke Vol.1)

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    Morning Song (Horn Quartet with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Sparke, Philip

    Morning Song features the horn quartet (3 tenor horns and flugel) mostly in a soloistic role - indeed there is an accompanied cadenza towards the end of the piece - but there are moments where the horns assume their conventional brass band role as harmonic support or playing the counter melody. This expressive composition shows all the versatility of the horn quartet and gives them the chance to be in the spotlight.Duration: 7:00

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    WARM AND BEAUTIFUL (Double Brass Quartet with Brass Band) - McCartney, Paul - Smith, Sandy

    Quartet 1: Solo Horn, 1st Baritone, Solo Euphonium, and Solo Eb Bass; Quartet 2: Flugelhorn and Three Trombones. The solo euphonium takes the lead in this arrangement, almost as a soloist. Grade: Easy

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    Missa Brevis Brass Band (Score & Parts)

    Missa Brevis is a major work for choir and brass band for performance in church or in the concert hall. For this mass, there are many performance possibilities depending on the musicians available. In addition to the standard orchestration of choir and band a brass quartet can also play the choral parts. For this it is desirable for the brass quartet to be positioned separately from the rest of the band (on a gallery, for example), so that the idea of two choirs is heard. It is also possible to perform the work with brass band and organ. A truly flexible religious masterpiece. 20:00

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    Ave Verum, KV.618 (Brass Quartet with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Smith, Sandy

    For Brass Quartet (Flugel Horn, Eb Horn, Baritone and Euphonium) with Brass Band

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    MUSIC FOR A JOYFUL OCCASION (Revisited) (Brass Band Set) - Kenneth Downie

    This music was originally written to mark the 24th anniversary of The Salvation Army's Canadian Staff Band and was performed by the band, under the direction of the composer, in January 1993. The inspiration was the theme chorus of the International Corps Cadet rally held in London in 1956; 'Jesus, I love you, I love you with tender care'. The mood of the music is often high-spirited and humorous and frequently calls for a sense of bravura although there are some tender moments too. This new edition was produced for The International Staff Band, omitting the singing and trombone quartet but containing new material in the same high-spirited style of the original.

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    HE CAN BREAK EVERY FETTER (Brass Band Set) - Kenneth Downie

    This is a setting of a chorus that the composer remembers being sung in Scotland as a child. The words encapsulate the truth of the Christian gospel in one sentence; 'He can break every fetter, He can set you free!'. Starting with trombone quartet, two more statements of the chorus follow, each in a new key. The final, extended, cadence emphasizes the spiritual release declared in the text.

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