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    Introduction & Punk - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen's (1964) way of composing can be described as: uncompromising, wilful and contemporary. It is not surprising, therefore, that this occasionally causes a stir. In the middle of the Seventies a trend arose in youth culture, which was characterized by provocation, distrust of the great ideologies, and the autonomy of the individual. Punk is playful, aggressive, often humorous, and anti-everything, which inevitably leads to self-irony. The first part of Aagaard-Nielsen's composition (Introduction) is a texture based mainly on one short theme. This pompous theme breathes a spirit of cold empty plains, where icy winds sigh around your head. In the vehement Punk (Presto barbaro!) there is no longer any question of a theme. The basis for this part is formed by a repetitive motif (a descending minor third). This motif is alternated with very powerful percussion beats and later on shrill harmonies. De wijze van componeren van Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (1964) laat zich omschrijven als: compromisloos, eigenzinnig en eigentijds. Niet verwonderlijk dat dit af en toe wat stof doet opwaaien. Midden zeventiger jaren ontstaat er een stroming binnen de jongerencultuur, die provocatie, wantrouwen tegen de grote ideologieen en de autonomie van het individu centraal stelt. Punk is speels, agressief, veelal humoristisch en anti-alles, wat onvermijdelijk leidt tot zelfspot. Het eerste deel (Introduction) is een weefsel, gebaseerd op voornamelijk een kort thema. Het pompeuze thema ademt de sfeer van kille lege vlakten, waar de ijzige wind je om de oren suist. Tijdens de 'heftige' Punk (Presto barbaro!) is van een thema geen sprake meer. De basis voor dit deel is een steeds herhalend motief (dalende kleine terts). Dit motief wordt afgewisseld met zeer krachtige percussie slagen en later schrille samenklanken. Dit alles zorgt voor een bombastisch geheel. Aan het slot van de Punk horen we het intoductie-thema tussen het punkgeweld door terugkomen.

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    Power Punk! - Thomas Pechot

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    ELOISE (Brass Band) - Ryan, Paul - Sparke, Philip

    Paul and Barry Ryan were identical twin sons of 1950's pop singer Marion Ryan and were born on 24th October 1948. They were groomed for stardom and had started singing as a duo before their fifteenth birthday. They were signed by Decca in 1965 and brilliantly marketed as clean-cut fashion icons. Their first single 'Don't Bring Me Your Heartaches' reached the UK top twenty but their success as twin performers lasted only three years. In 1968 Barry embarked on a solo career while Paul concentrated on writing and producing. Eloise with its melodramatic vocal style and heavily orchestrated backing was an early success of this new collaboration and went on to be covered by a variety of artists, including punk legends The Damned Grade Medium Duration 5:30

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    Rough Mix - James L. Hosay

    Why not try something different with your brassband? Rough Mix is a poprock tune that incorporates elements of punk and alternative rock. It contains optionalparts for two electric guitars and synthesizer. With or withoutthe optional parts this is a solid and fun arrangementthat will have particular appeal for young musicians and audiences.

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