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    Battlestar Galactica - Phillips, S - Phillips, L

    This superb arrangement contains the rarely heard'Prologue' music which gives a sense of exotic with itsuse of bell-like percussion and sinuous flugel solo; thisis followed by the now famous 'Galactica Theme' whichis both heroic and noble in its use of fanfares andmilitaristic rhythms.

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    Strictly Come Dancing - D. McGrath & J. Phillips - Christopher Wormald

    The very catchy, lively theme tune to the BBC's hugely popular TV series "Strictly Come Dancing" now availble for your brass band to perform - a great entertainment number for your next concert.

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    Home - Michael Brown

    Recorded by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, this dynamic hit song was featured during the 2012 Olympics as NBC's theme for women's gymnastics.

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    The Haunter of the Dark - Franco Cesarini

    The Haunter of the Dark is based on a tale by the author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) about a deserted church, where according to an old legend a monster had been lying low for years.A scientist who studies ancient religions visits this church. Besides some ancient writings he discovers a box, which contains a luminous stone. Every time the stone sheds its light, the scientist experiences all sorts of weird visions.The church in the tale actually exists, and can be found in Providence (USA). Franco Cesarini has visited it and sketches the mysterious and occult atmosphere in "The Haunter of the Dark".

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    IN CHRIST ALONE (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band Set) - Richard Phillips

    The popularity of this modern song is evidenced by the frequent use it enjoys during Sunday worship in many different denominational churches. The strength and solidity of the song is reflected in this triumphal arrangement, written at the request of Derick Kane and as a sequel to the earlier euphonium solo, 'There Will Be God'.

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    JOY, PEACE AND HAPPINESS (Brass Band Set) - Richard Phillips

    An ideal concert opener (first or second half) where the idea is that the band appear on stage section by section starting with percussion followed by basses and so on!

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    Crown Imperial - William Walton - Phillip Littlemore

    William Walton composed his Crown Imperial for performance at the coronation of King Edward VIII, which was scheduled for the 12th May 1937. However, due to the dramatic abdication of Edward, it was in fact performed at the Coronation of the new monarch, King George VI, which took place on the same scheduled date. The march became popular immediately, and arrangements for piano solo, organ, small orchestra and military band were all published within a year. It has been used at all Royal events since, most notably the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. This new brass band transcription?is in keeping with the shorter, 6-minute concert version that Walton created immediately following the Coronation of George VI. However, the scoring is more in keeping with contemporary brass band voicings, corrects errors in the previous brass band transcription by Frank Wright, and provides a much more exciting version for brass band.? "Phillip Littlemore’s arrangement of Crown Imperial is a bit like Frank Wrght’s, only Phillip's is in Technicolor!" (Gary Westwood, Leyland Band)? This arrangement has been recorded by the Leyland Band, conducted by Thomas Wyss, and appears on the CD Crown Imperial .?A soundclip is available here Item Code: TPBB-043 Duration: 6'30"

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    Antz - Gregson-Williams & Powell - Phillips, L

    Every Ant has his day. The musical score to the Dreamworks Antzmovie is a quirky fusion of styles which perfectly complements theeccentric nature of the story. The Colony describes life, work andchaos in Ant City, whereas Z's Theme is a mellow, yet whimsical jazztheme representing the neurotic main character, brilliantly voiced byWoody Allen. A superb addition to your library.3rd section +

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