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    Radio City (Trombone Solo with Brass Band) - Graham, Peter

    As youngsters growing up on the west coast of Scotland, my brother and I fell heir to an old valved radiogram which provided us with our first experiences of radio broadcasts. On the short wave signal, and through the static, we could pick up a whole range of programmes from across the Atlantic. I particularly recall the baseball games, the American accents of the announcers providing a window to a evocative world far removed from our small Ayrshire town. These memories form the basis of Radio City.The work is set in three movements, each introduced by a pastiche radio announcer narrative written by Philip Coutts. The first, City Noir, is a nod towards Raymond Chandler's eponymous private eye Philip Marlow and the dark cityscape of 1940s California.Movement two, Cafe Rouge, takes its title from the main restaurant in New York's famous Hotel Pennsylvania. Two of the most famous band leaders of the 1940s, trombonists Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey, broadcast live from the cafe on numerous occasions and the movement echoes with a collage of imagined sounds from the period.The finale, Two-Minute Mile, derives from an event dubbed in the USA as "the most exciting two minutes in sport", namely the Kentucky Derby. The virtuoso soloist figurations have their roots in Kentucky bluegrass fiddle music, with the galloping bluegrass clog-dancing rhythms providing the backdrop.- Peter Graham, Cheshire, January 2013

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    I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Cross & Reed - Neville Buxton

    This much loved ballad have been arranged as a Euphonium solo by Neville Buxton. Released by Tony Bennet, it became a gold-selling Top Ten hit that stayed in the charts almost three years. With intricate band parts and an unforgettable solo line, this arrangement will bring back the memories of the 60's to your concert audience.Free solo part available on request. Email - [email protected]

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    Pictures From Wartime - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Pictures From Wartime - Stijn Aertgeerts - 7'30'' - BVT121 CORNET SOLO 'Pictures From Wartime' tries to describe all aspects of the war era. In the first part, the sadness of seeing friends, family and loved ones leave to the battlefield. The despair as soon as messages of casualties come in, the pain that accompanies it, and then finish this part proudly and with beautiful memories. The connecting second part outlines the battle itself. Heavy, dangerous, do everything to survive and camaraderie between combatants. The last movement shows the evolution of more cowardly and daring war tactics, such as the use of mustard gas, the atomic bomb and all that modernization of weapons has brought us to date. All this for one purpose, peace ?!

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    Minnen fran Holmen - Jerker Johansson

    The first theme played by the solo clarinet was written by Jerker Johansson the summer 1997, when he was composing in Swedish folk music style for an intended radio programme in which his father should participate reading poems in local dialect. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued. In the spring 2015 Mr. Johansson however started to work on the theme again, this time adding a song theme of broader character. Holmen is the name of the homestead where Mr. Johansson's father Arne grew up. It is beautifully located in the parish of Skarv, situated east of Skara, one of the oldest towns in Sweden. At Holmen, the composer spent his childhood summers and his recollections are filled with many bright moments and happy memories. The piece was premiered May 22, 2015 by the Goteborg Wind Orchestra conducted by the composer.

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    Elegie - Peter Meechan

    The opening unaccompanied passage of this work was originally written as a short memorial piece for saxophone, but was later adapted as the basis of this more developed work for solo euphonium or trombone.The work uses a variation structure, with both the soloist and the accompaniment changing throughout the piece; the harmony, rhythm and melodic lines leading somewhere new and different each time they are heard - similar to the way our memories of a person often wander in different directions, but are still always focused on that person.

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