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    Force of Nature (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Graham, Peter

    Concerto for EuphoniumIn his writings, Ernest Hemingway defined the American hero for a generation.He created a new type of fictional character - a "man's man" - a hard drinking pugilist who enjoyed bullfights, big game hunting, deep-sea fishing and other "macho" pursuits. In many respects Hemingway was the living embodiment of his creation, though his somewhat idealised life ended in suicide on July 2nd 1961 and the chapter on this Force of Nature came to a close. The concerto reflects upon moments in this extraordinary life.Matador - the traditions of the Spanish bullfight fascinated Hemingway. He wrote frequently on the subject, going beyond the superficial and exploring at a deeper level the nature of fear and courage. This flamenco-inspired music equally contrasts moments of uncertainty and resolve.Wayfarer (Reflections on Poor Wayfaring Stranger) - the tensions of Hemingway's early life in the midwest suburb of Oak Park (a town he reputedly described as "narrow-minded") fuelled his wanderlust. At the age of 18 he arrived at the Italian Front, serving as an ambulance driver. Within days he was seriously wounded and the horrors of war put paid to adolescent illusions of immortality.Pilar - Hemingway's beloved boat Pilar could cut through the waves off the coast of Cuba at sixteen knots full-out. The music conjures up the thrill of the chase as the great fish hoves into view.Duration: 14.00

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    Pulsar - The Metamorphosis of a Star - John Brakstad

    4th July in 1054 AD one of the most spectacular events was witnessed in the Cosmos. A massive star blew out; a supernova explosion.From the Earth it appeared as a new, bright star; the most brilliant in the sky. It was visible for three weeks, also in daylight, before it then faded away.But what was left of it is spectacular. Today we call it the "Crab Nebula".And in the very centre of the Nebula lies the remnant of the star; the core crushed by the force of gravity.This is a rotating neutron star, a pulsar, just 20 kilometres across, but so dense that it weighs more than our sun.As the neutron star spins, ejected particles stream out from its poles at almost the speed of light.These jets create powerful beams that sweep around as the star rotates.When the beams sweep across the Earth, they can be heard as regular pulses. We call them pulsars.In this piece there are three percussion parts. In addition there is an "optional part" to replace the marimba and vibraphone written in the three original percussion parts if desired. This fourth part is shown in the full score.

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    Ellan Vannin (Traditional Isle of Man) - Traditional

    While this melody is not the Island's National Anthem, it can be called it's National Song. (Ellan Vannin in Manx for the Isle of Man.) I arranged this as a surprise encore to my programme for what turned out to be last Granada 'Band of the Year' Contest, in 1987. (I won with Foden, by the way.) Anyone who has experienced the fervour which this small Celtic/Norse nation puts into its singing will know the force of their pride and patriotism ! Yindyssagh ! (Wonderful !)

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    LA FORZA DEL DESTINO (THE FORCE OF DESTINY) (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Verdi, Giuseppe - Wright, Frank

    2011 National Championships Finals - 1st SectionRecorded on Polyphonic QPRL050D Harry Mortimer - A Tribute in Music

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    LA FORZA DEL DESTINO (THE FORCE OF DESTINY) (Brass Band - Score only) - Verdi, Giuseppe - Wright, Frank

    2011 National Championships Finals - 1st SectionRecorded on Polyphonic QPRL050D Harry Mortimer - A Tribute in Music

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    Wall of Sound

    This piece was commissioned by Dr Nicholas Childs and Philip Biggs for the National Children's Band of Great Britain.As the commission was for a youth band, I wanted to compose a piece of music that alluded to the styles and genres of music that are abundant in the current popular music market. However, the National Children's Band isn't just any old youth band; they are some of the finest young musicians in Great Britain. So the challenge was to compose a piece that included many popular music styles whilst providing enough of a test to keep the music technically interesting to work on and perform.The driving force behind the whole piece is the percussion section and in particular, the drum kit which is constant throughout. From the start the music is rhythmic and repetitive, similar to many dance tracks. The music begins to slowly unfold and build in texture and at bar 24 the syncopated main theme appears. This theme reappears throughout the piece along with various other motifs and solo lines. The music uses the styles, rock, pop, latin, funk and dance within the score and has a real fun factor about it.There are lots of opportunities for soloists to play and it is marked in the score where to stand and soloists can come out to the front of the stage. I really enjoyed working on this piece and I'm sure performers and audience members will enjoy it too.Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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    March of the Resistance (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    From the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Williams reprises a few earlier themes along with dynamic new material. The memorable March of the Resistance is fittingly dramatic and powerful, and is prominent at key moments in the movie.

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    SAR Force (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Wiffin, Rob

    This traditional march is dedicated to the audacious courage of the Search and Rescue Services of both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It was commissioned by the SAR Force with the mandate of writing something that was descriptive of its working life and incorporates the J B Dykes hymn tune Melita which is associated with the words 'Eternal Father, Strong to Save (For those in peril on the sea)'.Duration: 2.45

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    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - John Williams

    The iconic soundtrack composed by John Williams continues with "The Force Awakens", the seventh Star Wars movie. This arrangement for Young Band tries to capture the rich timbre of the original orchestral music. It is very important to be aware ofthe balance in the band when performing this music. The horns should stand out dynamically when they plays the melody. Also make shure that the rhythmic are played as clear as possible, especially in the bass tubas and other low instruments. You maychoose whether to play the upper or lower octave in the cornet parts.

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    Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, The - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 3'00". DIFFICULTY: 2nd+. Composed for Strata Brass in 2020 as part of their COVID-19 induced, virtually recorded 'A Christmas Carol' (a new suite for brass bandlasting around 30 minutes in total), 'The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come' is a jagged and virtuosic solo for Euphonium portraying what Ebenezer Scrooge sees when he is shown how his Christmases in the future will occur by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Having already been shown how is mean and uncaring ways have impacted his life this far by the previous two visions, this 3rd and final vision is enough to force Scrooge to become a changed man and embrace the Christmas spirit with all his heart. Throughout this solo, you may hear small references to Camille Saint-Saens' 'Danse Macabre'. .

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