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    Festive Frenzy - Various - Gavin Somerset

    This new release is the perfect all-rounder Christmas item, perfect for your festive program. From "Troika" to "Frosty The Snowman", this piece contains several well-known Christmas songs (& a couple, not so well known). The middle section of the work is the calm stunning melody from Chris De Burgh's "A Spaceman Came Travelling". This reflective section is the perfect middle movement to this festive selection that is sure to wow audiences as you take them on a trip though the music of Christmas. This is a must for all bands that like to entertain.

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  • £17.50

    Fanfare For A Festive Occasion - Alan Beaumont

    This is perfect opening to a Christmas concert. This short item, designed to grab your audiences' attention, features fanfare calls surrounded by festive sounds and even the optional party popper to be 'popped' by every player in the band. A great item to announce your bands arrival on stage before launching into your festive programme.

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  • £12.50

    Festive - Bertrand Moren

    Bertrand Moren originally composed this march for the brass band Concordia of Bagnes in Switzerland, of which he is the conductor. Festive develops a sparkling and playful melodic line over a strong theme in the low brass section. This version for concert band is full of vitality and will bring a touch of liveliness to any concert. Festive is also suitable for an outdoor performance.

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  • £43.00

    Festive Fanfare - Oliver Waespi

    The composer has based this festive fanfare arrangement on the grand "Festive Impressionsa and it is extremely suited as an opening number for your concert or for all kinds of festivities.

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  • £9.95

    A Festive Tribute - Johann Sebastian Bach - Philip Sparke

    A Festive Tribute is an arrangement of a splendid chorus whichBach first used in the secular Cantata 207 of 1726, but is perhapsbetter known in its later version, which appears in Cantata 207a, thedescriptively titled Auf, schmetternde Tone der muntern Trompeten,which cannot be adequately translated but means something alongthe lines of 'let the trumpets sound'. While the lyrics are perhaps alittle obsequious, much of the music for this cantata is celebratoryand lushly scored for a large orchestra including trumpets, oboesd'amore and flutes, making it an ideal piece for a concert bandarrangement.

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  • £115.80

    Festive Fireworks - Fredrick Schjelderup

    "Festive Fireworks" is written in three movements: I. Festivitas, II. Fantasia & III. Fireworks.The piece is based on two different tunes, both presented in the first movement, "Festivitas".II. Fantasia is written as a calm fantasy on the two themes. It includes melodic lines, percussion effects and finish off with cadenza's for Solo Cornet, Solo Horn, Euphonium and Eb Bass.III. Fireworks is a quick movement with lots of energy combined with technique and melodic lines. Elements of the first and second movement is presented and mixed together for a great finale.To the conductor:"I. Festivitas" can also be used as a concert opener or finale and has two different endings for concert use or contests (by using all the three movements).

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  • £44.99

    A Festive Overture - Kenneth Hesketh

    A Festive Overture received its world premi?re on 23rd March 2002 at the BASBWE International Conference, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester by the Central Band of the RAF, conducted by Wing Commander Rob Wiffin. The outer sections are busy and colourful, framing an expansive middle section, where Hesketh introduces a typically broad melody.Brass Band Grade 6: ChampionshipDuration: 7 minutes

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    FESTIVE OVERTURE - Shostakovitch/P.Kitson

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    Five Festive Fanfares - Philip Sparke

    This collection will provide fanfares for any occasion: concert opener, presentation ceremony or celebrations of all kinds. The variety of styles and durations (from ten seconds to two minutes) will ensure you will always find the right fanfare for the right moment.

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  • £73.00

    Festive Impressions - Oliver Waespi

    This brilliant opening work with the sub-heading Cinematographic Overture" is guaranteed to make a great impression on your audience. The piece starts with solemn brass-band motifs, followed by melodic movements in the quiet middle part that leads to a rich climax. At the end of this refreshing work, there is a reprise of the brass bands which reflects the spirit of this music very well. After all, this is the intention of this work which was written specially for the Musikverein Henggart" to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

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