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    Liberty Fanfare (Score) (Brass Band/Score) - John Williams

    is one of John Williams' lesser-known works, simply because it is not a film theme! In fact, the orchestral original was written for the re-opening of the Statue of Liberty following extensive repairs. This took place 4th July 1986, hence the music's sense of celebration and national pride.

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    Colours in Rain - Daniel Hall

    Colours in Rain, was commissioned by Tredegar Town Band as the opening item in their concert the night before they defended their British Open title.For a fanfare, this composition starts unusually. Breaking away from the more conventional and traditional fanfare, Colours in Rain begins with the ‘Rain Motif’, a repetitive single bar that emulates the sound of rain. The lower band follow, introducing the fanfare theme and exploit a multitude of different colours and connotations, which are uncommon in fanfares.After a calm section the music intensifies and the main theme is once again introduced. The theme is passed around the ensemble until the climax of the piece, where all instruments recapitulate each individual motif before the finale section. This harmony expresses a striking colour, with rapid rhythmic motion, and is where the ‘Colours in Rain’ title originates.

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    A Gallimaufry Suite - Harper, P

    I - Fanfare & ThemeII - SongIII - HymnIV - Toccata & FinaleA Gallimaufry Suite consists of four movements, all thematically independent. Thefirst movement consists of a sparkling Fanfare followed by a stately Theme whichends quietly. The second movement is a Children's Song; quirky but cute, and theHymn which follows is a study in calm and tranquillity, featuring a quartet-groupof cornet, baritone, trombone and euphonium. The last movement is a virtuosicToccata which eventually begins to recall the other themes of the suite before agrand reprise of the first movement Theme brings the work to a dazzlingconclusion.Approximate duration: 11 minutes

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    Prelude Festivo - John Brakstad

    Prelude Festivo is intended to be performed both in concerts and in competitions and includes solo passages for most instrument groups.Duration 7,5 minutes. Form: Fast - slow - fast.The piece is built on two themes:Theme 1 (Allegro con spirito) is first presented as a cornet solo after a fanfare-like opening.Theme 2 is hinted at in the opening bars, but is presented fully in the slow (Andante) section (bar 141).This theme is developed and also appears as melodic and rhytmic fragments throughout the composition. In the concluding section (bar 196) both themes are played in conjunction before the piece concludes with the fanfare theme from the opening bars.Parts that are marked piu mosso ed leggiero should be played in a cheerful light staccato style in contrast to Andante cantabile.

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    Procession (Training Band) - Andrew Stevenson

    Procession was written in 2013 as a challenging, yet manageable piece for players from beginner to intermediate standard. The piece is a bold, stately procession based on a fanfare, heard at the start of the piece. As well as the fanfare theme, there are two chorale themes and a more difficult middle section.

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    GALLIMAUFRY SUITE (Brass Band Extra Score) - Harper, Philip

    2013 Butlins Third Section. Extra Score only. The four movements are: 1. Fanfare & Theme 2. Song 3. Hymn 4. Toccata & Finale. Duration:11:00

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    GALLIMAUFRY SUITE (Brass Band Set) - Harper, Philip

    2013 Butlins Third Section. Score and Parts. The four movements are: 1. Fanfare & Theme 2. Song 3. Hymn 4. Toccata & Finale. Duration:11:00

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    OLYMPIC FANFARE AND THEME (Brass Band) - Williams, John - Barry, Darrol

    Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL235D Master Brass Vol.23. Duraion: 3:30

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