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    Prelude Festivo - John Brakstad

    Prelude Festivo is intended to be performed both in concerts and in competitions and includes solo passages for most instrument groups.Duration 7,5 minutes. Form: Fast - slow - fast.The piece is built on two themes:Theme 1 (Allegro con spirito) is first presented as a cornet solo after a fanfare-like opening.Theme 2 is hinted at in the opening bars, but is presented fully in the slow (Andante) section (bar 141).This theme is developed and also appears as melodic and rhytmic fragments throughout the composition. In the concluding section (bar 196) both themes are played in conjunction before the piece concludes with the fanfare theme from the opening bars.Parts that are marked piu mosso ed leggiero should be played in a cheerful light staccato style in contrast to Andante cantabile.

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