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    Don't Stop Believin' - Cain, Schon & Perry - Mike Kilmartin

    Don't Stop Believin' - Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon & Steve Perry - arr. Mike Kilmartin - 2'30'' - BVT082 'Don't Stop Believin'' is a number from the American rock band 'Journey', and became famous when it was used in series and movies like CSI, Still Standing, Cold Case, South Park and the Soprano's. Mike Kilmartin arranged it as an encore for 'Boobs & Brass'. In october 2018 the new animated movie 'Smallfoot' was released and Journey's classic 'Don't Stop Believin'' provides the soundtrack to the movie's trailer. Smallfoot is a movie about a Yeti who tries to convince his doubtful community that he's spotted a mythical small-footed creature: the human.

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    Don't Stop Believin - Mike Kilmartin

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