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    CIRCUS BEE, The (Brass Band) - Fillmore, Henry - Wilkinson, Keith M.

    Concert March. Grade: Easy/Medium.

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    The Melody Shop - Karl King - Jacob Larsen

    Written in 1910, this circus march is one of Karl King's most popular marches.King had an illustrious career as a player, a bandmaster and most notably a composer. Much of his composition was undertaken while he was working within the circus environment and it is often said that King did for the circus march what John Philip Sousa did for the patriotic march.

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    The Squealer - Will Huff - Neville Buxton

    The Squealer - Will Huff - Neville Buxton - 2'50'' - BVT120 William Lockwood Huff was an American composer best known for his military marches and the circus march 'The Squealer'. He briefly performed in a circus band and in the National Guard, playing cornet and alto horn. This kind of ‘screamers’ were mostly composed between 1895 and 1955. Circuses were in need of music that would make the audience go crazy!

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    In Storm & Sunshine

    New Jersey born composer and musician John Clifford Heed, who was born during the American Civil War was as a cornet soloist and arranger in the legendary band of John Philip Sousa. J.C Heed was also known as the “March Wizard”. According to local legend in his hometown, it is claimed that Heed possibly wrote “The Stars and Stripes Forever”. Chris Houlding’s vibrant arrangement of “In Storm and Sunshine” is written in the style of a vibrant circus march, to be performed as quick as possible !Duration: 5 minutesPercussion: 3 players playing snare drum, bass drum, clash cymbals, triangle and glockenspiel. Grade 3: Medium 1st and 2nd Section Bands

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    Shield of Liberty - Richards, JJ - Broadbent, D

    Another American style circus march fromthe pen of J.J. Richards. Richards wasborn in South Wales, but moved to the USAbefore the turn of the 19th century. Heturned out scores of marches for the famousSousa Band, and was a renownedsoloist in his own right. This march is easierthan Midwest, but just as effective.4th section +

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    The Waltonian - JJ Richards - Dominique Morel

    Used by the Cory Band in their winning performance at the 2008 Brass in Concert Championships, this popular circus march is jam packed with bravura for all sections of the band. One of JJ Richard's finest marches, superbly arranged by Dominique Morel.

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    SCREAMER, The (Brass Band) - Jewell, Fred - Smith, Sandy

    Circus March. Grade: easy

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    Emblem of Unity - J. J. Richards

    Quick circus march as recorded by Brass Band Buizingen and Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

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