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    Fanfare Trionfale | Brass Band | Alwyn Green

    Fanfare Trionfale was originally commissioned by the International Convention Centre in Birmingham UK for the investiture of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.As its name suggests, it is a majestic, triumphal piece of music to herald a major event.It is a great concert opener which demands accurate and expansive playing. It was first performed in September 1993 by the Prince of Wales Brass, a renowned Brass ensemble made up of members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.InstrumentationFull Brass BandPercussion parts (2): 1: Timpani 2: CymbalISMN: 979-0-708127-00-0

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    General Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 2242 - 2245, April 2024

    2242: Fanfare Prelude - Faithful in every way (Simon Gash)Lord, I come before your throne of grace (S.A.S.B. 378) has become a popular song for Sunday worship. These words of great assurance are married to a strong tune which, unlike many contemporary worship songs, suits the brass band idiom well. Although this piece will work without Percussion, the Snare Drum part, which underpins a lot of the piece, will help drive the music forward.2243: The wonders of thy grace (Norman Bearcroft)Herbert Booth's song Within my heart, O Lord, fulfil (S.A.S.B. 211) was the inspiration behind Lieut-Colonel Norman Bearcroft's three-verse setting of the hymn tune Wareham, with the title being taken from the lyrics of verse two.2244: Trombone Solo - I will wait (Andrew Mackereth)Major Leonard Ballantine has an astonishing gift for contemporary song writing. This song is a brilliant example of this, taking the idea of Jesus waiting patiently for us to accept the fullness of his offer of love.This arrangement was made at the request of Andrew Justice, former Principal Trombonist of The International Staff Band. For many years, Andrew has used this song with piano accompaniment. In making this arrangement, the composers aim was to capture the transparency you can create in piano playing.2245: The battle cry! (David Edmonds)Inspired by Lorne Barry's Trinity (F.S. 599), this piece would be well suited as a concert opener but would work in many settings as a contribution to worship. Its main feature is the driving rhythmic pattern in the Bass and Percussion sections. The music needs to be played with confidence and purpose. As the title suggests, it is a strong, inspiring battle cry, corralling the troops. This is a setting of the song by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, O Church, arise (S.A.S.B. 819), which has become popular in recent years, not only within The Salvation Army, but also the wider Christian church.

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    Of Men and Mountains (Brass Band Study Score)

    Of Men and Mountains was commissioned by the Netherlands Brass Band Championships for their 10th Anniversary Contest, held in Drachten in December 1990.The title of the work and its genesis came about as a result of a train journey the composer took in July 1989 across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. The awe-inspiring journey through the Rocky Mountains, with its high peaks and shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds, with its canyons and ferocious rapids, made the composer understand a little more about the majesty of nature and the fragility of humanity. The eternal struggle between man and nature was personified in the building of this incredible railway, hence the title (after Blake).The work is dedicated to the memory of Eric Ball, who died shortly before the writing of the work commenced.Of Men and Mountains is in one continuous movement and lasts about 17 mins. Its form is difficult to describe because of its motivic and accumulative nature, but it is essentially a symphonic tone poem in search of a theme, which eventually comes in its final and complete state in the majestic ending after an ever-increasing paced scherzo.Duration: 17.00

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    Three Carols (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Three Carols was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic as part of their Holiday Brass series and was premiered at Avery Fisher Hall by the New York Philharmonic Principal Brass and Canadian Brass. Originally for 10 players, soon after the premiere I decided to score the piece for brass band. The brass band version was first performed by the New York Staff Band.Through the years I have been intrigued by carious carols from different countries and the challenge of creating musical treatments that sound fresh and original. When commissioned to write these brass arrangements, I wanted to create contrasting movements that could be performed either as a set or individually and thought that three carols from different countries would allow the opportunity for that contrast. The featured carols are the traditional Polish carol Infant Holy (C.C. 41), What child is this? (C.C. 100) with lyrics by William Dix and set to the English folk song Greensleeves and the lesser-known Catalonian carol Cold December flies away.- Joseph Turrin

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    General Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 2234 - 2237, August 2023

    2234: Festival March - Above all names (Geoff McCorriston)This Festival March was originally written for the Camberwell Citadel Band, Melbourne, Australia. This composition marks the composers debut within our band journals. Geoff McCorriston served as Deputy Bandmaster at Preston Corps (Australia) for many years before joining the Camberwell Citadel Band. He has also been a member of the Melbourne Red Shield Band. Above all names is distinct from a standard street march in that it is more developed, both rhythmically and thematically. It is an original march that references We plough the fields and scatter (S.A.S.B. 70) and Camberwell (T.B. 182).2235: Flugel Horn Solo - Father, Creator (Simon Gash)Emma Pears has a gift for contemporary song-writing, with several of her songs featuring in the Sing to the Lord publication. The style and relaxed nature of the melody of Father, Creator (first published in the Children's Voices Series in 2011, and later in the Mixed Voices in 2014) seemed a perfect fit for the Flugel Horn. Throughout the piece, juxtaposed with Father, Creator, we hear snippets of the tune St Theodulph (T.B. 231), which outline the first lines of Albert Chesham's words, 'O Father and Creator, Thou God of perfect love' (S.A.S.B. 46).2236: A winter's carol (trs. Neil Smith)The history of the carol O come, Immanuel (C.C. 62) is, like the carol itself, a little mysterious! The melody was conceived as a monastic chant during the 8th century. It was not until 1851 that the priest and hymn writer John Mason Neale translated the verses into English, exposing the carol to a wider audience. There is an aura and enigmatic feel to this melody which is captivating to so many who hear it. This setting was originally conceived for wind band by American composer Mark Williams. The brass band transcription introduces a new name to our journals, Bandmaster Neil Smith, who is the Territorial Music Director for the USA Western Territory.2237: Mighty to keep (Eiliv Herikstad)Mighty to keep marks the composer's first publication since his Promotion to Glory in April 2023. Bandmaster Eiliv Herikstad served faithfully in his native Norway throughout his life, and since the early 1970s, has provided The Salvation Army with a wealth of original compositions and skilful arrangements. Eiliv explored many styles of big-band and jazz writing which, in the 70s, were not commonplace amongst brass bands, particularly in The Salvation Army. Music Editorial are grateful to Eiliv for using his gifts to support Salvation Army music ministry.The subject of this piece is Herbert Booth's song Mighty to keep, which was first published by The Salvation Army in 1889. The chorus of the song is more well-known that the verse and was included in the chorus section of the 1986 Salvation Army Song Book.

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    Triumph Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 1347 - 1350, March 2023

    1347: Intrada on 'St Magnus' (Ruben Schmidt)This is an energetic intrada based on the tune St. Magnus with the composer keeping the words The head that once was crowned with thorns (S.A.S.B. 22) in mind.1348: March - In every corner sing (Alan Williams)This is a bright march requiring plenty of vigour and imagination. Featuring and taking its title from Let all the world in every corner sing: My God and King! (S.A.S.B. 41), this bright melody is contrasted with the tune Lydia associating the words There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing its worth (S.A.S.B. 94).1349: I need thee (Craig Woodland)An expressive arrangement of the traditional hymn I need thee every hour (S.A.S.B. 707)1350: March - The great commission (Paul Sharman)This march was written for the Norwegian Christian brass band, Egersund Missionary Band, and is derived from the tune Onward, Christian soldiers (T.B. 188) as well as a brief fragment of the Norwegian National Anthem and the melody Die Sach is dein (The work is thine).

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    Love Song (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Kenneth Downie is not only a fine brass band composer but has a noted catalogue of excellent choral works. Love Song was originally written as a vocal piece, and this arrangement was especially written for Philip Cobb.Duration: 5.15

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    Music for Jock Tamson (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Scottish Dances Set 2An original suite in three movements:Nyah Fearties!InchkeithWha's Like Us?This work was one of twelve works commissioned by the Scottish Brass Band Association and Funded by Creative Scotland Targeted Fund - 2021 to aid Covid Recovery and support composers in Scotland.Jock Tamson - a Scottish name explained... The phrase more often occurs in an extended form: We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns. This is interpreted in a metaphorical sense as a statement of egalitarian sentiments equivalent to "we're all the same under the skin" or "we are all God's children". i.e. This is music for everyone!

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    Jerusalema (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Jerusalema is a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo. Here is a great brass band arrangement by Corsin Tuor

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    The World Rejoicing (Brass Band - Study Score)

    In searching for a common link between the brass band traditions of the various European countries that commissioned this work, I considered the fact that hymns have always played an important role in the relationship that brass bands have with their particular communities; and thus I turned to a well-known Lutheran chorale, Nun danket alle Gott (Now thank we all our God), written around 1636 by Martin Rinkart, with the melody attributed to Johann Crger. A number of composers have incorporated this chorale into their music, most famously J.S.Bach in his Cantatas no. 79 and 192, and Mendelssohn in the Lobsegang movement of his 2nd Symphony (the harmonization of which is usually used when this hymn is sung).It seemed fitting therefore for me to return to a compositional form I have used many times before (Variations) and to write a work based on this hymn. I have used it in a similar way to that which I employed in my Variations on Laudate Dominum of 1976 - that is, rather than writing a set of variations using elaborations of the complete tune, I have taken various phrases from the chorale and used them within the context of other musical material, applying an overall symphonic process of continuous variation and development. The structure, or sub-divisions of the work, which is through composed and plays without a break, is as follows: Prelude, Capriccio, La Danza 1, Processional, La Danza 2, Arias and Duets, Fuga Burlesca, Chorale, and Postlude.The work is also partly autobiographical - in the manner say of Strauss's Ein Heldenleben - in that I have incorporated into the score brief quotations from many of my other major works for brass band. In that respect, The World Rejoicing sums up a particular facet of my life as a composer, and reflects the admiration I have always had for what is surely one of the great amateur music-making traditions in the world.The World Rejoicing is dedicated 'in loving memory of my brother', Bramwell Logan Gregson, who sadly passed away in the Autumn of 2018.Edward Gregson

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