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    A lively ensemble piece, with intricate rhythms and exciting melodies. Another highly enjoyable piece from this increasingly prolific composer.

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    The Djebels - Keiron Anderson

    A rousing opening section with impressive countermelodies lead to a middle section in the relative major. Here, the tune is put into the bass parts with some interjections from the upper parts. The final section is a stately chorale reminiscent of Elgar at his finest! Straightforward phrasing and relatively straightforward parts make this accessible to the majority of bands.

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    The Old Tower - Keiron Anderson

    The title refers to the ruined Jubilee Tower on the Clwydian Range in North Wales, and this march won the Best Youth Band Composition in the Northop Composers' Competition in 2005.

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    A fantastic tuba feature with brass band backing. Driving semiquaver rhythms push this piece forwards whilst remaining away from the centre of attention which is undoubtedly the big old tuba! Full of semiquavers and scales rushing up to the top of the range of the instrument, there can be no doubt that the tuba is the star of the show. The solo part is carefully thought through with enough rests to make it approachable, while the syncopatino in the other parts give the music an energy that is maintained to the very final flourish, instigated by a demisemiquaver scale run on the tuba! Intermediate and above ensemble parts, but the solo tuba part needs a fairly skilled and confident player to get the most out of this piece.