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    Sunday People - Lage Fosheim

    Sunday People is the title track from the debut album with the same name from the group The Monroes. The LP was released in 1983 and the Sunday People immediately became a huge hit. The Monroes was the first artists in Norway to receive the NorwegianYear Grammy Spellemannsprisen.Members of The Monroes was guitarist Eivind Rolles and singer Lage Fossheim. Both of them passed away in 2013, only 54 and 55 years old. The music lives on and many dearly remembers the track Cheerio (1985) inheavily reworked version from 2005 when Rolles and Fossheim collaborated with Ravi and DJ Lov.

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    The Land of the Painted People (Brass Band) Joel Collier

    This highly descriptive work from the pen of Joel Collier will be an excellent choice for bands looking for a test piece, but equally as effective as a concert work. The composer writes: 'Britain - from the Latin Britannia, which is itself derived from the Greek Prettanike, originally taken from the Celtic word Pretani, meaning 'the painted ones'. While Julius Caesar made two brief invasions of Britain in 54 and 55 B.C.E., the real Roman conquest of the Island began in 43 C.E. under emperor Claudius. The conquest spanned decades, and pitted the Roman forces against resistance leaders such as Caratacus and Boudicca - powerful leaders Rome did not fully anticipate. Rome was ultimately victorious, and Londinium became the capital of the new province of Britannia, but even the might of Rome could never subdue the entire island. The Land of the Painted People is written in six parts. The first three - The Mists of the Plains, Tribal Honor, and Hymn to the Earth - paint a picture of the native Britons prior to the Roman invasion. The latter three - Invasion, Rebellion, and Submission - depict the decades-long struggle against Roman conquest.' Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: First Section + Instrumentation: Soprano Cornet Eb Solo Cornet Bb Repiano Cornet Bb 2nd Cornet Bb 3rd Cornet Bb Flugel Horn Bb Solo Horn Eb 1st Horn Eb 2nd Horn Eb 1st Baritone Bb 2nd Baritone Bb 1st Trombone Bb 2nd Trombone Bb Bass Trombone Euphonium Bb Bass Eb Bass Bb Timpani Percussion 1-2

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    Lucht Siuil - 'Walking People' (cornet solo) - Richard Rock

    During the famine, as Irish people emigrated to Europe, Australia and America, moving on from place to place, searching for somewhere to settle, the main mode of transportation was by foot, after arriving by ship. This is a solemn tune using wandering tonality to suggest the scene at the time.

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    People - Black Stanley - Hillary Nick

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    Short People - Newman Randu - Hillary Nick

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    COUNTRYSIDE AND COMMON PEOPLE (Brass Band) - Fernie, Alan


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    Old Hundredth (All People That on Earth Do Dwell)

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