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    Danceries (Set II)

    Danceries Set II continues the format established with the previous Danceries (1999) by using tunes and dances from Playford’s 17th Century Dancing Master to form the basis of an extended dance suite. In this set, the melodies have become more abstracted and project only a distant echo of their original forms. As before, each movement is self-contained, colourful and direct, with its own distinct mood. The outer movements, Jennie’s Bawbee and Peascod’s Galliarda , share driving percussion with an almost military air. Tom Tinker’s Toye and Heart’s Ease , the second and third movements, are both settings of original melodies. All movements are more extended than in the first set, with a freer use and approach to the material, supported by a greater variety of harmonic colouring. The result is a richer, even more exhilarating set of dances.? Item Code: 0-571-57077-1 Duration: 15'00"

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