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    Daphnis & Chlo? Suite 2: (Study Score ONLY) - Ravel, M.

    THIS PURCHASE OPTION IS FOR THE STUDY SCORE ONLY, IN A 4 FORMAT. This score is available from September 10th on this website only, until October 20th 2012, when it will be on sale at the British National Brass Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall

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    Daphnis & Chlo?: (Conductor's Large Format Score Only) - Ravel, M.

    THIS PURCHASE OPTION IS FOR THE CONDUCTOR'S LARGE FORMAT SCORE ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OF THE PARTS. It is produced especially in A3 large format due to the complexity of some passages of the arrangement. This revised (2012) version of the complete Second Suite from RAVEL's DAPHNIS & CHLOE arranged by Howard Snell, has been chosen as the test piece for the Championship Section of the NATIONAL BRASS BAND CHAMPIONSHIPS OF GREAT BRITAIN of 2012 at the Royal Albert Hall. First performed complete by massed bands at the Gala Concert following the 1986 Finals at the RAH, it very appropriately celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the 1st performance of the complete Ballet in Paris in 1912. The study score to be issued for the Contest, is now in preparation, and will be available only through this site prior to the day of the Contest, October 20th, 2012.

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    Plus Ultra (Score Only) - Andrew Stevenson

    - SCORE ONLY -Plus Ultra was commissioned for the Intermediate section of the 2015 National Youth Championships of Great BritainPlus Ultra is based on the twelve labours of Hercules, in particular the tenth. During the completion of this labour, Hercules had to split a mountain apart and sail into an unknown part of the world. By splitting the mountain, he connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and formed the Straight of Gibraltar. One part of the split mountain is Gibraltar and the other is Monte Hacho. These two mountains taken together have since then been known as the Pillars of Hercules.The Pillars appear as supporters of the coat of arms of Spain. The motto Plus Ultra (Latin for further beyond) is closely associated with the Pillars of Hercules to mark the edge of the then known world. According to mythology, the pillars bore the warning "Non plus ultra" (nothing further beyond) serving as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no further.The music in Plus Ultra depicts the struggle of the tenth labour, the dividing of the mountain, the mystery of what lies beyond the known world and the triumphant return of Hercules after completing the task.

  • £10.00

    CAVATINA (from Der Freischutz) (Brass Band Score only) - Weber, Carl Maria Von - Gay, Bram

    Brass Band Score only. Parts available separately.

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    CORNET CONCERTO (Ellerby) (Brass Band - Score only) - Ellerby, Martin

    Brass Band extra score only. This bright, optimistic, lyrical concerto, accessible to players and audiences alike, falls into three contrasting movements. Brilliante is a tradional sonata form with two subjects, first a lively fanfare type figure followed secondly by a cantabile theme. The Arietta has legato phrases with an overall singing quality from both the soloist and the band while the final movement, Rondino, is in rondo form with constant changes of metre creating a restless journey to a dynamic conclusion. Duration: 12 mins.

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  • £24.95

    ENGLISH FOLK-SONG SUITE (Vaughan-Williams) (Brass Band - Score only) - Vaughan Williams, Ralph - Wright, Frank

    Score onlyThis masterwork by Ralph Vaughan Williams has stood the test of time and continues to receive numerous performances on a yearly basis.A must for any library!

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    Impromptu for Brass (Brass Band - Score only) - Ball, Eric

    Boosey & Hawkes Brass Band Score Only

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    OF DISTANT MEMORIES (Music in an Olden Style) (Brass Band Score only) - Gregson, Edward

    Score only. Of Distant Memories pays homage to the brass band composers that form the backbone of the brass band repertoire, and their music, and in the process summons up a kind of subconscious memory bank of the musical languages, styles and forms used by them. The music is conceived in the form of a 'traditional' tone poem, reflecting certain aspects (e.g. melodic, harmonic, textural) of those early test pieces. Although fairly traditional concepts have been kept in planning the architecture of the work, certain aspects of the instrumentation, or scoring, are more contemporary in colouristic terms, as befits a composer writing in the 21st century. However, the percussion requirements are fairly modest, similar to those used in the works of that period. The brass band tradition owes much to the composers of that period, for through their music they established a truly homogenous 'British' brass band sound which has spread throughout many parts of the world. That tradition flourishes today and remains important for today's composers, even if their musical language is far removed from that of their predecessors. Of Distant Memories is the composers own way of repaying that gratitude.

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    SEA PICTURES (Brass Band Score only) - Sparke, Philip

    Score only. An atmospheric and descriptive work, Sea Pictures is in three sections. The quiet but very difficult opening describes the sea at dawn when all is still save for the cries of the early-morning gulls and deep movements of the sea itself. The sun rises and the next section pictures it glistening and sparkling on the waves. A school of playful dolphins passes. As they swin into the distance we are alone again with the sun and the waves. But there are distant rumblings; from far away a storm approaches. Cool breezes disturb the surface of the sea as it clouds over. And then the storm is upon us, turning the sea into the most awful force in all nature. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it abates, leaving the sea once again serene in sunlight. All is calm but, as the work fades to a close, distant claps of thunder remind us that we are always at the mercy of the power and ficklesness of nature. Championship section. Duration 20:13

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