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    HALLELUJAH CHORUS (from Messiah) (SATB Chorus with Brass Band)

    Handel's Messiah was composed in 1741, receiving it's premiere in Dublin a year later. Written in three parts, the Hallelujah Chorus concludes the second part, and is often performed separately from the main oratorio, and especially around Christmas. There are no choral parts included with the set, however it works with all the major editions of vocal score. Duration: 3:30

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    SAINTS' HALLELUJAH; THE - Parts & Score, Canadian Brass

    When the Saints Go Marching In and Hallelujah Chorus arranged for Brass Quintet.

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    HALLELUJAH STRAND, The - Parts & Score, SALVATIONIST MUSIC - Lorne Barry

    Triumph Series Band Journal, March 2008 - Numbers 1175 - 1178 This is a compilation album in which you get four complete compositions as follows : No. 1175 The Hallelujah Strand (Lorne Barry). A bright, light-hearted arrangement of the well-known song, 'They'll sing a welcome home'. No. 1176 Selection - No Limits, No Measure (Erik Silfverberg). Three tunes form this composition; 'Trust in God', 'Crimond' and 'Blacklands'. They are all connected with songs about God's amazing love and grace, and the title is derived from words associated with the last tune; 'His love has no limits, his grace has no measure'. No. 1177 In His Presence (Andrew Mackereth) A selection using two songs that relate to being in the presence of God, particularly during our prayer time; 'As we are gathered' and 'In the secret of thy presence'. No. 1178 March - S.C.B. 125 (Dean Jones). This piece was written at the request of Scarborough Citadel Band to commemorate their 125th anniversary. The inclusion of the tunes 'Southport' and 'From strength to strength' was also requested.

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    Euphonium Solo - We'll all shout hallelujah - Norman Audoire

    Originally published over sixty years ago, this 'theme and variations' solo has remained popular with euphonium soloists ever since. The tune on which the solo is based has its roots in the American Civil War although nowadays it is associated with words by Charles Wesley.The composer was born in the UK but emigrated to Canada where he became Bandmaster of the famed band of Montreal Citadel for which he wrote his famous march.

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    Hallelujah Chorus - Händel, Georg Friedrich (Handel, George Frideric) - Sparke, Philip

    This piece needs no introduction, as it remains one of the most popular classics of all time. Enthuse your performers and audiences alike with this fantastic arrangement of the Handel classic from his masterwork The Messiah.

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    Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen - Steve Yorke

    Cohens masterpiece is no stranger to brass bands. This one however is based on a stunning performance by k.d. Lang, and features the Euphonium section.

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    HALLELUJAH (Brass Band)


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