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  • £11.50

    Vince Guaraldi: Peanuts - Horn: French Horn

    15 songs from the timeless children's cartoon series arranged for solo instrumentalists with a great accompaniment CD. The CD includes the Amazing Slow Downer software so instrumentalists can use the disks in their computer to slow down the tempo without changing the pitch while they practise.

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  • £15.50

    Circus Skills: French Horn

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll up! Roll up for a fantastic and evocative Circus extravaganza! This is a great collection of eight original, catchy tunes, by Alan Bullard, for Horn with Piano accompaniment. Parts are included for F and E-flat Horn, as well as the accompaniment or you can play-along with the backing CD. On the CD, track 1 is a Bb tuning note, then each piece appears twice: first with and then without the solo line. The music is light and humorous, and aptly catches the circus mood Music Teacher Magazine. Grade: 3-5

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  • £9.95

    Christmas Instrumental Solos: French Horn

    A selection of Christmas Carols and Traditional Classics with backing CD. This instrumental series is arranged for Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Horn in F and Trombone. The instrumental parts can be used along with the CD or in any combination.

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  • £12.50

    E. Maxwell: Football Crazy - Footie Songs: French Horn

    These 'Footie Songs' are flexible and can be played as solo or duet, accompanied by either jazz piano (pull-out part) or the CD backing tracks (free with the book). Includes 'Rhythm & Beat' workshop study section.French Horn played by Lisa Ridgway on the CD.

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  • £11.50

    Women of Pop - Horn: French Horn

    This instrumental sheet music/CD pack is jam packed with solo arrangements of 15 hits from songstresses such as Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more! Read the music from the book, and play along with the professionally recorded backing tracks on the CD.

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  • £6.99

    Concert And Contest Collection: French Horn

    This top-rated collection of solo literature from the celebrated Rubank catalog is known by teachers and students everywhere. Each book offers a superb variety of solos customized for that instrument, and most state solo/ensemblecontest lists include several solos from this collection. (Piano accompaniment sold separately.) Now available:Performance/Accompaniment CD (04002519)Solo Book withPerformance/Accompaniment CD (04002520)Now students can perform these acclaimed solos with high quality recordings. Includes full performances by professional players, as well as piano accompaniment tracks.

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  • £22.99

    Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story: French Horn

    These solo instrumental arrangements are faithful to Bernstein's score, and have been idiomatically adapted to the instrument.Edition contains piano accompaniment, clarinet part, and enhanced CD which includes piano accompaniment (for CD player or computer) with tempo adjustment software (for computer only).

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  • £8.99

    Essential Technique 2000 Book 3: Tuba

    (Essential Technique for Band is fully compatible with Essential Technique 2000)A technique-building program for any band, Essential Technique for Band is also an excellent tool for individual or small group study. This is Book 3 of the Essential Elements for Band beginning band system and features:Key-Centered System• Nine major and related minor keys• Scales, etudes, short chorales, and music technique exercisesIndividual Instrument Studies• Demonstrated by a professional soloist on your instrument• Professionally recorded accompaniments (not synthesized)Special Studies Section Reading Skill Builders, Rhythm Pages, Jazz Style and Improvisation, Full Chorales, Rubank Scales and ArpeggiosIntegrated History, Theory and CreativityMore Great Music Classical, world music, folk and moreBook also includes My EE Library* ( - Instant Stream/Download/CD*...with Play-along mp3 tracks for ALL exercises*Internet access required for My EE Library. Book includes instructions to order free optional CD.

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  • £25.95

    Arban: Arban Studies 1-14: Arr. (Gomm): Euphonium

    For nearly 150 years Jean-Baptiste Arban's 14 studies have been an essential part of a brass player's practice routine. Arban's original parts contain many inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Whilst we had no intention of creating an 'Urtext' edition, we have attempted to make each study's phrasing, articulation and where necessary, dynamics consistent with itself, without losing the character and intentions of Arban's manuscript. We, therefore, chose not to add dynamics at the beginning of studies where Arban has omitted them, as you will quickly discover the right dynamic (for you) on practising the piece. You may also, as performer, wish to change or ignore our suggestions, for that is what they are and you must feel free to do so.This edition includes imaginative piano accompaniments written to reflect the nature of the solo part and enhance the soloist's practice whilst lending these studies also to the concert repertoire. Our hope is that you will gain more from playing these great studies 'with accompaniment' rather than the traditional way 'without'.The CD that accompanies this edition contains John Alley's accompaniments in three tempi. One for slow practice, one for general performance and then one for the virtuoso! Also included are stylish performances of all 14 studies by leading UK trumpeter Paul Mayes which are retained for guidance in this euphonium edition. In order to produce an artistically cohesive CD Paul Mayes' performances are a mix of the two featured performance tempi.

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  • £10.50

    Don Blakeson: Smooth Groove Tuba Bc: Tuba

    Smooth Groove is, above all else, a fun book. It embraces various styles of playing from pop and rock, through to jazz and Latin American rhythms and phrasing. It will be easy and enjoyable to relate to these catchy tunes, whether played with the CD backing, or as a purely solo performance. Don't be surprised if anyone listening starts to whistle or hum along with you. The accompaniments created by Brian Humpherson attempt to capture the excitement of the melodies by using modern harmonies and percussive effects, typical of music enjoyed by young people today. The CD backing tracks, with their strong rhythmic and harmonic support, make practice sessions fun, whilst instilling motivation and the desire to perform.

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