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    Zulu - BARRY John - SMEETS Roland

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    Zulu - John Barry - Christian Jenkins

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    ZULU (Brass Band) - Barry, John - Jenkins, Christian

    Grade: Medium/Easy Duration: 2:30

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    Zulu - John Barry

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    Unity Series Band Journal October 2015 Number 434 - 437

    No. 434 March - Joyful Peace (Eiliv Herikstad)This march will pose few technical difficulties to most Unity Series bands. Keep the playing light and distinct throughout. Although the music is simple, please warn against carelessness!No. 435 Marching! (Stephen Forman)This bright energetic work from Major Stephen Forman features the well-known song 'We are marching' as its main theme. This South African song, called 'Siyahamba' in the original Zulu language, became popular in North American churches in the 1990s and soon spread internationally becoming a much featured song within many churches.No. 436 Chorus Arrangement - Turn your eyes upon Jesus (David Edmonds)A very simple, yet effective arrangement of this much-loved chorus, the words of which simply say:Turn your eyes upon Jesus,Look full in his wonderful face;And the things of earth will grow strangely dimIn the light of his glory and graceNo. 437 March - Ever Onward (Charles Craig)The Devonshire Corps of Tiverton celebrated its 140th birthday in 2014. Although small in number, it is highly regarded and respected for its Christian witness and work throughout the community.The march is written in a traditional style and should present no difficulties to the average band.

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    Men of Harlech - Welsh Traditional - Gareth Wood

    Men of Harlech is a song and military march which describes events during the seven year long siege of Harlech Castle between 1461 and 1468. Commanded by Constable Dafydd ap Ieuan, the garrison held out in what is the longest known siege in the history of the British Isles.The music was first published without words in 1794 as Gorhoffedd Gw?r Harlech (March of the Men of Harlech) in the second edition of The Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards, but it is said to be a much earlier folk air.Men of Harlech occupies an important place in Welsh national culture and gained international recognition when it was featured prominently in the 1964 film Zulu.This new arrangement comes from the pen of Welshman Gareth Wood. It cleverly fuses the tune to more exotic rhythms associated with Latin America and the Caribbean.

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