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  • £35.95
  • £35.95

    Wishing you were somehow here again (Score and Parts) - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Stephen Bulla

    The official authorized brass band arrangement one of the hits from Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.

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    Snow White Selection

    Includes: Some Day My Prince Will Come; Whistle While You Work; I'm Wishing; Heigh-Ho; With a Smile and a Song; Silly Song; One Song.

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    Canzona XIII

    DescriptionCanzona XIII, also known as Canzon Septimi Octavi Toni a 12, was first published in 1597 as part of a collection entitled 'Symphoniae Sacrae' – this collection was a mixture of instrumental and choral pieces, and also included the famous Sonata Pian'e Forte, probably his best known work.Gabrieli was born in Venice sometime between 1554 and 1557 and studied with the renowned Dutch composer Orlando di Lassus. He also studied with his uncle, Andrea Gabrieli, and eventually succeeded him as the organist and composer at St Mark's Basilica in Venice. Already renowned as a musical centre, Venice became a magnet for composers wishing to study with Gabrieli after 'Symphoniae Sacrae' was published.Like many of his works, this Canzona was written to take advantage of the unique layout of St Mark's, which had galleries on three sides where the musicians could be placed to create novel spatial effects – utterly new and exciting for sixteenth century listeners. Canzona XIII has three different antiphonal 'choirs' and in this arrangement the band is split into three groups to reflect Gabrieli's innovative idea. Ideally the three groups should be clearly separated so the the antiphonal effect comes across clearly, although this will of course depend on the performance space. On no account should the band remain in its normal seated formation!As Gabrieli didn't have any percussionists (and percussion was widely thought inappropriate for music performed in church anyway) there are no percussion parts in this music.This arrangement was first performed by the Coppull and Standish Band conducted by Andrew Baker in 2009.You can follow a preview of the score while listening to an audio export of the music below!

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    Music from Kantara - Kenneth Downie

    Despite the exotic sounding title, the origins of Kenneth Downies fine composition are somewhat more prosaic. When the composer and his wife moved into a new home they were intrigued to find it called Kantara. Not wanting to upset the outgoing owners, and wishing to find out more, they decided to keep the name.Some judicious research found that Kantara was a ruined castle in Northern Cyprus which the previous owners had once visited. A picture of it was left hanging on the wall of the house for the new owners to enjoy.Written in 1993 for the National School Band Association Composer Competition, it has subsequently been used at youth and senior level - from the National Youth Band Championships of Great Britain to the Pontins Championship.The three-movement work is in no way descriptive, but each has individual character - from a light hearted spiritoso followed by a short lyrical middle section to an animated presto finale.

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    A-Wassailing (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - McKenzie, Jock

    The English custom of 'Wassailing' is the seasonal act of singing carols door-to-door and wishing good health. The singers and dancers (often very poor) would do this in the hope of being offered a drink from the 'wassail bowl' ??" a warm broth of hot ale, fruit and spices; good sustenance for those who were cold and often homeless. It is thought that this carol (composer unknown) was composed c.1850. Duration: 2.30

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    PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, The (Brass Band) - Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Wormald, Christopher

    Grade: Medium. Includes: The Phantom Of The Opera; Masquerade; Think Of Me; Angel Of Music; The Phantom Of The Opera (Reprise); The Music Of The Night; Prima Donna; All I Ask Of You; Masquerade (Reprise); Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again; The Point Of No Return; All I Ask Of You (Reprise); The Phantom Of The Opera. Recorded on Obrasso CD954 Forever Shining (Black Dyke Band conducted by Nicholas J Childs)

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    SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (Brass Band) - Churchill, Frank - Wright, Denis

    Includes: Some Day My Prince will Come; Whistle While you Work; I'm Wishing; Heigh-Ho (Dwarfs Marching Song); With a Smile and a Song; Silly Song (Dwarfs' Yodel Song); One Song

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    Festival March - Dvorak

    Sue Hopkins has taken Dvorak’s classic Festival March and translated it effectively into a highly playable and listenable score for brass band.A well known work for many, this arrangement now offers a refreshing new alternative for bands wishing to make an impact on the march or classical elements of their concert/contest programme.

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