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    El Torero - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 4'00". DIFFICULTY: 3rd Section+. 'El Torero' was commissioned by the Elland Silver Youth Band for their appearance at the 2019 Brass in Concert Youth Championships, held at The Sage, Gateshead. 'Torero' is the generic term referring to any individual who takes part in bullfighting on foot, with this definition acting as an umbrella term for all ranks of Matador (whom often might sit on a horse for the fight). It also acts as the modern-day alternative to the popular 'Toreador', popularized by Bizet in his opera, 'Carmen'. . 'El Torero' paints every aspect of a bullfight, from the cautios and steady entrance into the bullring, the wild frenzy of the bullfight and ultimately the grandioso conclusion as the bull is slain and the Torero rises victorious. .

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    Singin' in the Rain

    Who isn't familiar with the famous scene where Gene Kelly dances and sings around a lamppost, splashing into puddles with an umbrella in his hand? The song he sings is just as iconic and has made its reputation as a song known by both young and old! This arrangement has been made accessible and easy to play for brass band. Are you singin' in the rain?

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