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    TURKISH MARCH - Beethoven/M.Hopkinson

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    Turkish March - Ludwig van Beethoven

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    Turkish March - Beethoven, L - Fredericks, J

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    Vienna Marches

    March FantasyIncludes: March Militaire (Schubert); Gipsy Baron (Strauss); Wine, Women and Song (Strauss); Turkish March (Mozart); Indigo (Strauss); Radetsky March (Strauss); Ruins of Athens (Beethoven).

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    Marche pour la ceremonie des Turcs - Jean-Baptiste Lully

    Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) moved from Italy to Paris and started as a kitchen boy. Alongside he also composed music and was a dancer and actor. He soon became leader of the court orchestra, and wrote music for the parties at the court. At aconcert in 1687 he hit his foot with his conductor pole, got gangrene in the wound and died three months later. Lully is the first known composer of French baroque operas and had great influence on the development of the European musictowards the end of the 1600s.Turkish march is used in the 1991 movie "All the mornings of the world" (Tous les matins du monde) starring Gerard Depardieu. The action takes place in France in seventeenthcentury where we follow the relationshipbetween the viol player Marin Marais and his mentor Sainte Colombe.

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