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    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon

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    The Turing Test - Simon Dobson

    Alan Turing is considered the father of modern computational science and much, if not all, of our modern computer technology and the connectivity that we now take for granted is born of the work of this one great, but troubled man. His famous test was designed to prove whether artificial intelligence (AI) could successfully imitate human thought. The single movement of The Turing Test is essentially non-programmatic, but it does seek to show something of the emotion and colour of Turing's life in its different sections. The composer employs bi-tonality and complex rhythms to show opposing worlds colliding. At the end of each test, we must decide: has true AI been born?

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    The Descent - Christopher Bond

    The Descent takes its inspiration from Victorian author Jules Verne; specifically, his work Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Professor Arronax finds himself a prisoner of the mysterious Captain Nemo, on a remarkable submarine called the Nautilus. Nemo is one of Verne's most memorable characters. He's a man who has turned his back on the world, and his name - Nemo - means 'No Man.' He has vowed never to set foot on dry land ever again. Verne gives his hero's brilliance and benevolence a dark underside - the man's obsessive hate for Empires and Imperialism. Captain Nemo is a genius, an engineer, an artist, an athlete, sometimes a pacifist, sometimes a righter of wrongs, sometimes an out and out villain, and he invented the Nautilus.The Descent is based on the idea of a descent to the depths of the ocean in the Nautilus with Captain Nemo, with the cornet soloist expressing both the anguish and reflective sides of the character. On one hand, a troubled and agitated figure, juxtaposed with the reflective memories of his homeland, children, mother and father. The work was written for and commissioned by Flowers Band as part of their programme of music at Brass in Concert 2019.

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    A Quiet Place - Ralph Carmichael

    Ralph Carmichael is a composer and arranger of both secular pop and contemporary Christian music being regarded as a pioneer of the latter. 'There is a quiet place, far from the rapid pace, where God can soothe my troubled mind.'

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    Odyssey - Kevin Norbury

    Kevin Norbury's powerful major work was selected as the Championship Section test piece of the 1999 European Brass Band Championships held in Munich. The piece was inspired by the ancient Celtic hymn "Be Thou My Vision" and Dante's Inferno. The mood of the music at its commencement is brooding and troubled, with angular melodic lines, dissonant harmonies and pounding rhythms. The work undergoes a number of stylistic changes in the course of its progress ??" from the seriousness of the opening to exuberance and triumph at the end.

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