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    The Land Before Time - James Horner - Gavin Somerset

    The music of James Horner is known around the world for his strong, heart-warming melody lines that featured in such films at 'Titanic' and 'An American Tail'. Released in 1988, 'The Land Before Time' was made by the same film creators of 'An American Tail' and so, James Horner and Will Jennings were the obvious choice to create the movie's soundtrack, following the success of 'Somewhere Out There' (from 'An American Tail'). They didn't disappoint, and the main title track 'If We Hold On Together' became a success both on the screen and off when it was released as a single by Diana Ross in 1989. Now arranged by Gavin Somerset, this release will take a generation back in time to the story of Littlefoot, who embarks upon journey with 4 friends as they search for the Great Valley. A great item for all bands

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    The Great Valley - Bertrand Moren

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    General Series Band Journal December 2015 Numbers 2150-2153

    No. 2150 March – Full Bloom (Martyn Thomas)This march was written as a tribute to the loyal service provided by Salvation Army bands across the world and was premi?red by Enfield Citadel Band in 2012. Using the tune Jesus, Jesus, lily of the valley (T.B.C.S. 43), the march is traditional in format and style but nevertheless has plenty of original touches, both rhythmically and melodically.No. 2151 Festival March - God's Army (Niels Silfverberg)This march tries to reflect on the unchanging principles of a living Salvation Army in a changing world, but with unchanging needs. The Salvation Army, being an international part of the universal Christian Church, with a ministry motivated by the love of God and a mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ; one army - one mission - one message. The march uses themes from a number of songs from different eras, reflecting the continued fight in 'God's Army'.No. 2152 Still hold me closer (Michael Davis)The gospel song Sweet will of God by Leila N. Morris is here given a beautiful setting by Michael Davis.No. 2153 Everlasting Hope (Paul Sharman)'Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow', a line from the song 'Great is thy faithfulness', is taken and developed into an original melody. The music attempts to portray the fact that God's faithfulness to each one of us gives us all 'hope for tomorrow'.

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