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    A Gallimaufry Suite - Harper, P

    I - Fanfare & ThemeII - SongIII - HymnIV - Toccata & FinaleA Gallimaufry Suite consists of four movements, all thematically independent. Thefirst movement consists of a sparkling Fanfare followed by a stately Theme whichends quietly. The second movement is a Children's Song; quirky but cute, and theHymn which follows is a study in calm and tranquillity, featuring a quartet-groupof cornet, baritone, trombone and euphonium. The last movement is a virtuosicToccata which eventually begins to recall the other themes of the suite before agrand reprise of the first movement Theme brings the work to a dazzlingconclusion.Approximate duration: 11 minutes

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    Gollywog's Cakewalk - Debussy, C.

    The last movement of Debussy's Children's Corner Suite, but only for the most gifted children to play, it evokes the innocent fun of childhood in the past. The Cakewalk was a popular dance with a complicated history, which became a vogue dance in the Parisian music halls of the time. Debussy composed more than a handful of these dances for concert performance.

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    Twins - Jan Hadermann

    Twins is a composition about two children, born at the same moment, growing up together yet with totally different characters. One twin is sensitive and introverted whilst the other is much more lively and energetic. This is reflected in the musical motifs of the piece. The quiet first melody which gains tension through continuous transposition is succeeded by the joyous rocking melody of the second twin.

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    Tale Spin Theme (Spin It!) - Peter Kleine Schaars

    In addition to many classic animated films the Disney Corporation has also produced many great programmes especially for television. Many of these are broadcast in the USA on a special children's series called 'The Disney Afternoon'. Old and young alike will recognise the melody from this classic Disney theme tune, and will be enchanted by its mesmerising Latin groove.

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    Mah Na, Mah Na - Stefan Schwalgin

    This catchy piece became a massive hit in the 1970s, when Jim Henson used the catchy melody in his children's TV series The Muppet Show and Sesame Street. Stefan Schwalgin has produced this excellent version to give bass trombone players, who sometimes feel left out by the band's repertoire, a platform for their soloistic development. This gem is full of little musical surprises and will hold a special place in your bands repertoire.

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    18 Christmas Songs - NAULAIS, Jerome (Arr.)

    O Little Town Of Bethlehem / Good King Wenceslas / In Dulci Jubilo / Joy To The World / Stille Nacht / Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant / Jingle Bells / O Come, Little Children / Kling / Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes / O Holy Night / The First Nowell etc...

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