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    The Best of Bond - John Barry

    Includes: From Russia With Love; Goldfinger; The James Bond Theme; You Only Live Twice

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    WILD WEST! (The Best of Ennio Morricone) (Brass Band) - Morricone, Ennio - Smith, Sandy

    Includes: Once Upon a Time in the West; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Grade: Medium

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  • £19.50

    The Deep - Andy Wareham

    This stunning work took the title of ‘Best Student Composition’ at the UniBrass 2016 contest and features a collection of maritime hymn tunes in an unusual setting. Featuring an optional narration at over the opening sequence, the work is scored for quartet (Cornet, Horn, Euphonium & Bass) & band. ’Nearer My God To Thee’, ‘Melita’ and ‘Will Your Anchor Hold?' are all featured in this exciting new work as you won’t have heard them before and is a great addition to any concert & contest repertoire.

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  • £44.00

    Simply the Best - Mike Chapman - Ron Sebregts

    Simply the Best was first performed by the little known Bonnie Tyler in 1988, but did not gain wide-spread popularity until Tina Turner recorded it barely one year later. The song has become one of Tina Turner's all time greatest hits and is a favourite around the world when something needs celebrating. Ron Sebregts' arrangement really rocks and will make sure your next concert is Simply the Best!

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  • £6.50

    Fanfare for the Best - Thomas Doss

    Fanfare for the Best is a short composition inspired by best friends and memories of good times in pleasant company. I wrote this piece for the 50th birthday of my friend Otto M. Schwarz.

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  • £45.99

    Fanfare for the Best (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Doss, Thomas

    Fanfare for the Best is a short composition inspired by best friends and memories of good times in pleasant company. I wrote this piece for the 50th birthday of my friend Otto M. Schwarz.Duration: 1.45

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  • £49.95

    A Day in the Life of a Knight - Phil Lawrence

    Here we have a most descriptive piece of writing - a story through music, by one of the brass band movement's exciting new voices. A fantastic 1st section testpiece and championship concert work:The opening scene would depict standing on the battlements of a castle hearing the thundering hoofs of our brave Knight's horse miles in the distance. His arrival is expected, and his reputation is known across many lands. Today, he is to joust amongst mere mortal knights and compete for the hand of the fair (and local) Princess.He vanquishes all competitors and wins the day. The scene moves to evening & court where reception and dance is to be held for our winning knight. Both Knight & Princess become centre of attention during the dance. Their eyes only for each other.At last, the Knight has a chance to be a lone with his Princess as they steal away from the celebrations to a star lit rampart above the castle gardens, where the Knight declares his ever-lasting love and pledges his life and of honour to her. He asks her hand, meanwhile monks pray in the below chapel hoping for union. She say's yes. It is announced in court, then blown from the battlements.Day breaks; he is brought word of evil doings back in his own land. He leaves word to the Princess that he will be back soon to take her hand. The trouble back home was a rouse to get him away from the Princes so one of the vanquished, a dark knight in yesterdays joust, has summoned a dragon to kidnap the princess for his own.As the truth of the deception reaches our Knight he quickly returns to face the varlet that has taken his Lady. This time tis no joust, but a fight to the death with the dark knight & dragon. Our champion proves his best once again and wins the day and the hand of his Princess forever!Phil Lawrence

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  • £63.00

    The Kingdom of God - Jerry B. Bensman

    A brilliant concert-march in the best British martial tradition. Both the title and composition are based on the well-known hymn 'Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God'. Jerry B. Bensman schreef deze concertmars om zijn bands, die hij destijds dirigeerde, aan het werk te zetten. Met name de trombones en bassen moeten in deze mars (technisch gezien) aan de bak. Deze mars is dan ook een uitdaging voor de orkesten in de hogere divisies. Bensman maakt in deze mars gebruik van het lied 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God' (Zoek eerst het Koninkrijk van God). De mars is daarom bij uitstek geschikt als muzikaal intermezzo in kerkdiensten en kerkconcerten.

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    The Banks of Green Willow - George Butterworth - Duncan Wilson

    George Butterworth (1885-1916) was an English composer who died at a very young age, leaving behind few compositions. One of his best known and regularly played works is The Banks of Green Willow. People who have studied his work agree that Butterworth displayed great potential which would have flourished were it not for his untimely death. Duncan Wilson's arrangement makes Butterworth's imagination accessible to everyone!

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