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    Dance On (Je me sens bien aupres de toi) - Adams, Murtagh, Murtagh & Stellman - Len Jenkins

    "Dance On" is probably best remembered in the UK by two versions. One by the Shadows which went to Number 1 in the UK Singles chart and the other by Kathy Kirby which made number 11 in the 1963 UK charts. The other side of the Channel, in France, Petula Clark recorded the song in French ("Je me sens bien aupr?s de toi") and Italian ("Sto volentieri con te") which made the Top 5 of the French and Italian charts. She also recorded an English version for album release on the Canadian market. The infectious rhythm will get you tapping your feet or even getting up to dance. It's a real bopping number from the 60's, and well within the capabilities of most bands. Enjoy.

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    Colours - The French Tenor Horn

    1-3En Trois CouleursJean-Jaques CharlesAnthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band I. Vermillon 2.59 II. Vieux rose 2.58 III. Vert d'eau 1.444 Moonlight DanceJean-Philippe Ichard Anthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band4.495FountainsJonathan BatesAnthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Benjamin Richeton (Soprano Cornet) and Foden's Band4.006Scherzo FantastiqueFrank ZabelAnthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band12.287Bright ShadowsPeter MeechanAnthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Mark Wilkinson (Cornet), David Thonton (Euphonium) and Foden's Band7.29 8Valse ? BebelThierry Caens Anthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Martyn Parks (Piano) and Foden's Band6.469This Old RoadKosaku Yamada arr. Makoto Sekiya Anthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band3.5710 Ploemeur GigueJean-Philippe Ichard Anthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band2.4611 StormNicholas Chatenet Anthony Galinier (Tenor Horn) with Foden's Band12.16

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    Favourite Marches and Hymn Settings of The Salvation Army

    Marches include: Amsterdam Congress; A.R.C Centennial March; Balga Citadel; Brazil ‘75; Cairo Red Shield; California; Camp Fellowship; Cobham Hall; Croydon Citadel; Danforth Citadel; Etobicoke Youth; Hadleigh Camp; Hollinwood; In the King’s Service; Minneapolis IV; New Commission; Norwich Citadel; Powerpoint; Rosehill; Rousseau; South Coast; Spirit of Endeavour; The Fount; The Young Salvationist; Visitors Acclaimed; Victory Parade; Washington Salute 125; Wisbech Citadel; Zimbabwe Centenary.Hymns include: A Gaelic Blessing; Amazing Grace!; As the Deer; Be Still for the Presence of the Lord; Blacow; Come, Beautiful Christ; Deep and Wide; Deep River; Fall Afresh; From Earth’s Confusion; He Cares for Me; I Know Thou Art Mine; I Love You, Lord; I Need Thee; I Vow to Thee, My Country; I Will Enter His Gates; In Perfect Peace; It is Jesus; Knowing You; Lift Up the Banner; Lord, With My All I Part; Make Me a Channel of Your Peace; Martyn; ‘Mid All the Traffic; Morning Star; Of Whom I Sing; People Need the Lord; Peter, James and John; Pie Jesu; Praise Him with Song!; Prayer of Childhood; Prayer of Thanksgiving; Reverie; Sacrament; Serenity; Share My Yoke; Someone Cares; Stand Up for Jesus!; Standing Somewhere in the Shadows; Swing Hosanna; The Pearl; The Reason; This is My Story; Thy Will to See; Whiter than the Snow; You Know that We Love You!.

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