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    Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso - Senaille

    Euphonium Solo with brass band accompaniment.Jean Baptiste Senaille was a French born Baroque composer and violin virtuoso. Senaille studied under Tomaso Antonio Vitali and imported Italian musical techniques and pieces into the French court. He wrote around 50 violin sonatas and this arrangement of his most well known offers the soloist a perfect opportunity to showcase their style and technical ability.

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    Introduction & Allegro Spiritoso - Jean Baptiste Senaille - Len Jenkins

    Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso appears in many forms within the music compendium, frequently as a piece demonstrating a solo string, woodwind or brass instrument with Piano or other accompaniment. It was originally composed by the baroque composer Jean Baptiste Senaille, and includes the fast 2/4 movement from one of his 50 or so violin sonatas. It is probably one of his most recognised pieces. This arrangement for a brass quintet with optional Glockenspiel is presented in two formats. One is for Brass Band instruments, the other for Orchestral Brass, both with appropriate Parts to match that genre.

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    In Lively Spirits - Senaille

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