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    3 Rocks for Band

    Ideal introduction to rock music

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    3 Pops 4 You - David Well

    A Pop Festival in three parts: 1. Purple Pop - Great heavy rock with some modern sound here and there. Attention to the syncopation! 2. Pink Pop - A dreamy ballad with an open ending. 3. Plastic Pop - Finale with heavy percussion!

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    Good Christian Men Rejoice - Traditional - David Holling

    Good Christian Men, Rejoice (or In Dulce Jubilo) was of course made famous by Mike Oldfield back in 1975 and is possibly one of the most played Christmas tunes there is. In this arrangement David Holling treats us to a Rock/Jazz fusion style in the opening section before settling into a calm, lush cornet solo of the Sussex Carol with jazz-inspired harmonies and orchestrations. The final section brings back the original theme in a Lovatt-Cooper style big finish with all-guns-blazing to the end! This arrangement would suit all bands from Section 3 upwards (not excluding ambitious 4th section bands too!) and works perfectly as a good opener or finisher to a Christmas concert.

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    Abstractions - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    1. Aurora Borealis (Lento espressivo)The first movement is inspired by the northern lights. It constantly changes in colour and shape.2. Rocks (Moderato ben ritmico)The title of the second movement is a play with the word "rock"is a well-known word describing a musical genre.But it is also a giant stone or a part of a mountain.3. Seascape (Allegro)The third movement is inspired by different aspects of the sea.It also sums up different ideas that occurs inthe two previous movements to round off the whole piece.Third Edition - 2015

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    KENNESAW MOUNTAIN BLUES (Brass Band) - Bulla, Stephen

    Let your brass band play the blues. This innovative work makes use of traditional blues harmonies over a strong rock beat. The cornets carry the melody first, but this is soon taken over by a solo percussion break. The piece also makes use of mixed time signatures where the whole band plays the blues scale in an uneven seven beats! Duration: 3:15

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    Starburst - Dan Price

    Brass Band Concert Series - Grade 3 A fast-paced and exciting concert finale or first half finisher by Dan Price. Commissioned by the Greater Manchester Hub Youth Brass Band for their 2014 season, Starburst is a high-octane work in a contemporary style with elements of rock and funk fusion. The piece features soloistic input from all sections, with vibrant percussion colours adding to the overall effectiveness. Although the piece sounds extremely virtuosic it is accessible for most bands, and is fun to rehearse as well as exciting to listen to. Duration: c. 04:00

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