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    Seaside Rendezvous - Freddie Mercury - Iain McKnight

    There was no greater showman in the world of rock than Freddie Mercury and, for many, no greater group than Queen. The release in 2018 of the film Bohemian Rhapsody brought the sounds of Queen to a new generation as well as providing a welcome dose of musical reminiscence for fans across the world. As well as an astonishingly gifted performer, Freddie Mercury was an equally adept composer, drawing upon his early musical training as a classical pianist as well as his eclectic musical tastes to create songs of immense character and imagination.With its echoes of music hall, vaudeville and no small amount of saucy postcard humour, Seaside Rendezvous is from the band's fourth studio album, A Night at the Opera, released in 1975. The song is so complex and makes such extensive use of multi-tracking and specially recorded effects - the tap dance segment, for example, was created by Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor ‘performing' on the mixing desk with thimbles on their fingers - that Queen never performed it live.Colourfully scored and featuring numerous momentary solos around the band - including a feature for the cornet section on kazoos - this arrangement was made for Foden's Band and featured as part of their programme for the 2018 Brass in Concert Championships at Sage Gateshead. The band subsequently recorded it on their 2019 CD, Trials and Triumphs.

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    Rendez-vous at the circus - Nijs Johan

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    Rendezvous (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Hadermann, Jan

    Duration: 3.40

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    Rendezvous - Jan Hadermann

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    Midnight Rendezvous - G?nter Noris

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    First Rendez-Vous - J?r?me Naulais

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    Ekstase (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Doss, Thomas

    Rendez-vous with W.A. Mozart. Ekstase is a piece about a mentally ill patient who is kept completely shut off from the outside world. His condition is worsening, and due to his medication the border between the real world and his hallucinations becomes increasingly vague. One day the patient discovers an old piano and begins to play Mozart which brings both himself and other patients back to life. A very innovative and virtuoso new work from Thomas Doss. Duration: 16.30

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