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  • £13.95

    Regionals 2022 CD

    This CD features recordings of all 5 test pieces for the 2022 Regional Championships competitions. Available to Pre-Order now.

Championship Section

  • £69.99

    Contest Music (Wilfred Heaton)

    This work was Set as one of three Championship Section Test Pieces for the 2018 Butlins Mineworkers Brass Band Contest and the Scottish Open in 2013. It was also selected for the Regional Championship back in 1985.

First Section

  • £62.95

    Spectrum (Gilbert Vinter)

    Classic descriptive Vinter - his musical depiction of the seven colours in the spectrum, each vividly portrayed in brilliant sound/colours: Intro and Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo; Purple.

Second Section

  • £55.95

    Aeronauts, The (Goff Richards)

    This Goff Richards work has been used previously at the National Youth Brass Band Championships in 2007 and was the National Championships 2nd Section set work back in 1996.

Third Section

  • £69.99

    Facets of Glass (Gordon Langford)

    Composed originally for the Pilkington Northern Open, this work has since been used at Pontins and the National Mineworkers Championships for the Third Section. The works consists of four contrasting movements movements : 01. Prelude - Fusion ( Andante Moderato ) 02. Scherzo - Celebration ( Presto ) 03. Meditation - Lathom Park Chapel ( Andante Religioso ) 04. Finale - Visions ( Allegretto con Spirito ) *PLEASE NOTE:- This is a new edition prepared specially for the 2022 Regional Championships.

Fourth Section

  • £67.99

    Argos (Stephan Hodel)

    Argos is a composition commissioned by the Lucerne Cantonal Brass Music Association LKBV. Composed in autumn 2009, Argos was the 3rd grade task piece at the Lucerne Cantonal Music Festival 2010 in Willisau. Argos (from the Greek meaning light) describes the light, festive character of the composition. Roughly speaking, the work consists of three parts, a fanfare-like opening, a song-like or chorale-like middle section and a happy final movement