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Regionals 2019

Championship Section

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    SEASCAPES (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Steadman-Allen, Ray

    Seascapes was commissioned for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain in 1988.Seascapes takes its inspiration from the poem 'Cargos' by John Masefield. In the first movement, a gentle lyric theme, set against a pulsating background is contrasted with a dance. The dance reaches its climax and the music concludes with a quiet theme. The second movement has something of the nature of a sarabande, with a central section, which is a little lighter but retains a Spanish flavour. The composer adds a whimsical thought of his own that there may also have been a party of monks aboard. A variety of ingredients blend in the third movement: the coaster engines, the sea, some jovial shanty-music and the storm element through which the coaster steadily chugs.Suitable for Championship Section bands.

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First Section

Second Section

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    RISE OF THE PHOENIX (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Barry, Darrol

    As the title suggests, the phoenix was a fabulous mythical bird, who every morning at dawn, sang a song so enchanting that even the sun God, Apollo, would stop and listen. The bird would live for a hundred years, and at the end of its life, would build a pyre, set it on fire and be consumed by the flames. After three days, the phoenix would be reborn from the ashes, to sing once more.This work was commissioned by Clifton and Lightcliffe Band and reflects the difficulties and rebirth of the band to make music once more.Suitable for second section bands and above.

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Third Section

Fourth Section

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    Regionals 2019 CD

    This CD features recordings of all 5 test pieces for the 2019 Regional Championships competitions.