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  • £65.00

    A Place Where Dreams Come True - James McFadyen

    A Place Where Dreams Come True is concert item that is like a tiny symphony. Opening with an original chorale which merges into a pop-rock item with lyrical and syncopated melodies. From there, the piece transforms into classical overture style before entering the closing bars which are more akin to a sad song.This is one of James' earliest compositions for brass band and it certainly has a unique form, but somehow the piece as a whole feels recognisable and comfortable. A real hidden gem of a piece this one!

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  • £44.00

    Rough Mix - James L. Hosay

    Why not try something different with your brassband? Rough Mix is a poprock tune that incorporates elements of punk and alternative rock. It contains optionalparts for two electric guitars and synthesizer. With or withoutthe optional parts this is a solid and fun arrangementthat will have particular appeal for young musicians and audiences.

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